The Beautiful Days Of My Life – promo 2

Girl: what happened what’s our problem??? I think u like me that’s why u always collide with me
She: qhta???? R u mad like and u khudkhushi na kr ln main
Girl with shocked expression: don’t u have manner to talk with a girl
Shr: don’t u have manner to talk with customer u insane women
Girl: uuuuuuuu

Scene 2
She: oh no my car keys I think they r inside the fashion house
On the other side
Girl finds the car key : oh its of that khadroos I think de don naw naw g naw she keeps the keys in her bag

Scene 3
She: have u seen my car keys?????
Girl; no and y should u tell u???
Shr: u r the owner of this fashion house

Girl: that doesn’t mean I will keep eyeon your car key jaeye bht kam hain mjhe
Shr: uuuuuuuu oh forget it and leaves
Girl smiles

Promo endsssssss
Hey guys first of all really sorry for being missing sorryyyyyy I will b back soon till then pray for my term result
Guys actually there were less infact least comments on last promo tell me if u guys r not liking the story u will stop posting seriously there will b no update from my side bt plzzzz tell me
Chappals r not allowed us k elawa kuch b
Ohk waiting for our reply

Take care everybody
Mario welcome back
Love u all


  1. Neeti

    |Registered Member

    Ha so wen r u coming back di, I am missing u.
    I already sad bcs Pari di said she is leaving us frevr! Pls contact hr if u can!
    Wen r u psting d epi di? Pls pst soo.
    Sry if I shall nt cmnt in nxt prt
    luv u- Neeti, Sadti (sad+Neeti)

  2. Zainab

    Wow what a promo 👏
    I’m way too much excited for this.. please start your ff soon.. i can’t wait for it.
    Loads of love. Take care 😘
    I’m from Pakistan too. 😀 Which city are you from? What’s your age?

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