Beautiful Bond of Friendship


Hii my dear friends
Today is a very special day a day to dedicated to those ppl who make our life worth living

Friendship is not something that can be taught in schools
This is a beautiful bond of love n trust that can only be felt by heart♥♥♥♥♥
Our serials also depict this wonderful relation
Today I would like to grab is golden opportunity to write an article on friendships shown in television which have touched my heart
but before I start
wishing each one of u A very very Happy Friendship Day
friends even we share this spl bond
we read eachother’s ffs comment on it, share opinions
we encourage, we give suggestions
so a big thank u

Here am writing about some friendships which I have come across, I may miss on some, I apologize in advance for that. Friends do add in comments

So here we go

1.Yeh hain Mohabatien
Raman n Mihir
Their relation is so deep.Mihir has always been with Raman through his all thick n thin, so much so that for Raman he broke ties with his own sister shagun. Mihir has faced Raman’s wrath with a smile on his face.

Ishita n Mani
Its because of Mani that Ishita is alive
He has been her pillar of strenght
He was always there to bring smile on her face.

2.Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata hain

In this show we have seen many beautiful friendship

Mohit n Naitik

The ever jolly Mohit helped Naitik alot to strengthen his bond of love with Akshara. Mohit became a wonderful brother in law of Naitik by marrying His sister Nandhini.

Akshara and Varsha
Their friendship has become more n more strong with passage of time.
They share their feelings .They seek eachothers advice they confide in eachother.
Though there were misunderstandings but their friendship could stand it all.
Varsha is perfect daughter in law of maheshwaris

In the current track Karthik is being a really good friend to Gayu though she has a soft corner for him

3.Yeh vada raha
Survi and Jatin
Jatin has been a strong support system to survi post her separation from Karthik
He has been taking care of survi and khushi very responsibly

4.Kumkum Bhagyaa
Purab n Abhi

purab was Always by Abhi’s side n helped him become a better person
He has taken all pains to ensure that abhi lead a peaceful life

Dhara and Sanjay
Dhara was an independent woman but sanjay ensured that Dhara remained safe n happy
he risked his own life to ensure that no hurdle was created on her path

Aishi Dosti ko mera Salam!!


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