Beast’s soulmate (swasan story) Prologue by Mars

Hloooo guys!! This is mars. I m here with a new story on swasan. I had started this story on wattpad but swasan stories are less here so thought to continue here also but if u all are interested. Before starting I want to tell that this story is completely fictional and imaginary so don’t relate it with real life.Its just for entertainment.
So here is the prologue and characters. Hope so u will like it.

BEAST’S SOULMATE(swasan story)
Sanskar: he is half beast and half human as his father is the beast who fall in love with human so his mother is human.He looks like a perfect man but his gestures are much similar to beast.
He is ruthless and don’t have any mercy specially on beautiful girls.If he see any beautiful girl, instantly he kill her and sucks her blood and eat flesh.

Swara Bose: bubbly girl. Living in mumbai to complete her graduation whereas her parents live in Kolkata. She is very innocent and trust anyone very easily. In mumbai she is living as paying guest.Her best friend is kavita with whom she shares everything.

Kavita mitra: swara’s best friend and roommate.she is also from Kolkata. She always says Swara not to trust anyone but she never listens.she is good kind hearted girl.

Nikil khanna: Sanskar’s friend but he is human.His mother is Sanskar’s mother’s friend so was only knowing about the beast.But now nikil’s mother is dead so only nikil is the person who knew that Sanskar is half beast and half man.He lives alone.
He knows that Sanskar kill girls but he support him as he loves sanskar a lot.

Ram and sujata: sanskar’s parents.
Ram is beast but sujata is human.They live in beast world.

Shomi and shekar Bose: swara’s parents. Love her alot. They live in Kolkata.

Beast world is the place deep inside the forest where Hardly any human being goes.It is small locality where only beast lives and sujata is only human.
Ram is the head of the beast world so no one object that sujata being a women live there.

Scene 1
Sanskar is standing on the road with nikil.Then only he saw a beautiful girl coming towards them.He looked at her with desire to have her blood and flesh.
Nikil followed his gaze and get to know what is coming next.
Sanskar: I got my prey.will come back.
Nikil just signed and didn’t said anything.
Sanskar went to the girl and said
Sanskar (flirting tone): hey beautiful.
Girl: hello!
Just then only the girl felt deep pain in her neck as sanskar has crushed her neck with his long hidden nails.
Soon the girl died. He took her in cottage and sucked her blood.

Scene 2:
In a room, boy is kissing girl’s neck passionately and she is mourning.
Girl: sanska..r. Plzz
Sanskar: what to do baby I can’t control. I love you alot swara.
Yes the girl is Swara and the boy is Sanskar.
Swara: I love u too sanskar.
Both stared each others eyes and sanskar placed his lips on her. They kissed each other passionately as if there is no tomorrow.

So what do u think. Swara knew that sanskar is beast but then how can she love him.Or Sanskar has hidden his identity and betraying her to make her his prey. To know further wait for

Now plzzz tell me whether u liked it or not.It is completely new story but will continue only if I get response on prologue.
This story will not be simple and sweet like my other stories. It will full of aggression, hatred, betrayal and Ofcouse love.

So leave your comments if u want the further story otherwise I will not continue it.
One thing plzzz no bashing it is just fantasy and not meant to hurt anyone.
So leave your views if u want to see the aggressive love story of cruel beast and innocent Angel.

Thank you
Take care.


  1. Darlzz002

    The plot seems to be different…
    So coontinue the story plz…
    Plz update ur other ff’s soon..

  2. Ashwini

    Amazing concept.. Plzzzz post this story nd post ur other’s ff to C u r all stories r amazing 😘😘😘😘😘

  3. Rakiba

    Thank u for posting here…
    .. Interesting ..plz continue here…nd also upload ur other ffs

  4. Neptune


    |Registered Member

    marsuuuuuuu thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for posting it here too….
    you know nowadays SWASAN ffs are really less…
    but we will not let our swasan down…

    concept is amazing dear, hope you continue soon….

    • Mars



      thank you nepuu and don’t say thanks Yarr and don’t worry swasan ffs are increasing. Will continue soon

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