Beast’s soulmate (swasan story) Mistake part 2 by Mars

Hloooo guys!!! I’m back with next part of beast’s soulmate. This part is specially for my friend sumayyah and all those who were asking me from long time to post it. I m extremely sorry for the delay.Thank you for your comments on previous part. Guys if u don’t find it interesting do tell me as I know u all love sweet and caring sanskar even me too but just for a change I made him beast but for Swara he will be caring and lovable only so don’t worry.
Let’s begin:

Beast’s Soulmate(swasan story)

Sanskar’s guest house(jungle):
Swara is sitting in the hall when she listened the sound of door opening. She looked at the door and here comes the beast.Sanskar is standing with small packet in his hand. Swara turn her face to other side seeing him while he smiles seeing her antics.
Sanskar went close to her and sit beside her. Swara didn’t reacted at his this gesture.
Sanskar:when u got up sweetheart??
Swara didn’t replied.
Sanskar: ohhhh so madam is on fire never mind(he whispers huskily in her ear) I love to play with fire and especially when it is tooo hot.
Swara glared at him.
Sanskar:okay come have your breakfast.
Sanskar opened the packet of food he bought for swara.
Swara:I don’t want to have anything.
Sanskar:swara plzz if u r angry at me its ok but don’t spoil your health by skipping food.
Swara got up and was about to leave when sanskar pulled her from Swara’s wrist and as a result she fall on his lap.
Sanskar engulf her wrapping his arm around her waist.
Sanskar:sit silently and have your breakfast.
Swara(trying to stand):just leave me I don’t want to have it.
Sanskar (sternly): swara I said something then u have to eat.
Swara got little scared seeing his anger but didn’t show.
Sanskar keep morsel of food in front of her mouth but she didn’t open it.
Sanskar(angrily): swara
She instantly open her mouth not want to face the devil.
She finished her breakfast as Sanskar was feeding her.
Sanskar:that’s like my good girl.
Sanskar made her sit on side went to keep leftover things.
Swara went to her room.

Swara’s room:
Swara is sitting with the support of bed on the floor. Her head is buried in her knees. She is crying thinking about her parents as they will be worried as she must be in Kolkata now. Sanskar came inside and saw her sitting on floor and crying. He felt bad for her and sit near her.Swara looked at Sanskar with teary red eyes. Sanskar said politely
Sanskar (wipes her tears): plzz don’t cry swara.
Swara(pleading): plzz Sanskar let me go,ma baba will be worried for me. I request u plzz.
She started crying bitterly. Sanskar side hugged her and said
Sanskar: I can’t let u go swara. U r mine and how will I live without you.plzz don’t even think to leave me bcoz I will never let u go.
Swara’s sobs slowing vanished as sleep took over her due to tiredness.
Sanskar saw her sleeping on his chest and smiles.He softly kissed her forehead and picked her in his arms then placed her gently on bed and covered her with comforter.
He lie beside her and got lost in the past.

It had been one week since swasan met first time and sanskar had totally lost himself for her.Everyday he used to stalk swara wherever she goes. Swara get to know that he is following her but she completely ignored him. Sanskar was getting annoyed seeing her negligence. His beast mind always force him to directly threaten her and tell his feelings but his heart don’t allow her to do this. Nikil was also shocked as he never thought Sanskar, the beast will fall head over heal for a beautiful girl who should be his prey.

One day:
Sanskar as everyday is standing outside swara’s college waiting for her.
A bright smile appear on sanskar’s face as he saw her lady love approaching towards them. When she came near, sanskar said
Sanskar: ohh hello madam,pink suit.
Swara looked at him as she was only wearing pink suit.
Sanskar’s heart started beating at jet speed as she replied to him.
Sanskar:woo I want to talk to u.
Sanskar(thinks): ohhh god she agreed to listen me.
Sanskar looked around and there were many students.
Sanskar:plzz can u come to side.
Swara stared him for few seconds then agreed.
Swasan moved to side under the tree.
Swara(Cross her arms on chest): why are u following me??
Sanskar got speechless bcoz he thought she didn’t get to know.
Sanskar: see I will say directly that I love you.
Swara:are u crazy?? What u know about me that u started loving me.
Sanskar:I don’t know but now this heart (put hand on his heart) can’t live without you.
Swara(laughs): ohh god if u speak such filmy dialogue I m not going to impress.
Sanskar got angry as she made fun of his love.He pinned her to tree and said
Sanskar: I love you and I had many other ways also to get u so don’t force me to do that.
Sanskar’s eyes turn red which scared swara to the hell. She tried to come out of his grip but he was very strong.
Nikil who was standing little far get to know that situation is getting worst so came and pulled sanskar back.
Nikil:what are u doing Sanskar.
Swara signed in relief after getting free from him.
Swara:just stay away from me otherwise I will complain against u.
Saying this swara left from there while sanskar keep staring her retreating figure.
Nikil:what was that sanskar?
Sanskar: she was not ready to accept my love.
Nikil:dude we need to handle girls with delicacy not by forcing them. If u will do all this she will only hate u not love.
Sanskar(confused): then what should I do now?
Nikil:come I will tell.
Sanskar and nikil also left.


Sanskar saw swara and smiles remembering their second tashan meeting.
Sanskar (mumble): she is my little ball of fire.
he hugged her tightly feeling that she is with him.

After one week:
It has been one week since Sanskar has kept swara in his guesthouse. Now swara was fed up of her life she just want to kill herself and get free from this cage.
Swara is bagging the door and shouting for help.
Swara(shouts): plzz help is anyone there.
Her soft hands are paining as she is beating hard wooden door from long time.
Sanskar is sitting on sofa and staring her with blood shot eyes. How much he always wants to act gently with her but this girl never leave single chance to raise his temper.
It had been 15 mins she is standing near door shouting and bagging the door.
Sanskar can’t control anymore as she is trying to leave him. He got up and went to her.
Sanskar held her hand to stop from bagging and turn her. Swara looked at him.
Sanskar:no one is going to listen u here so its all time wastage. U have to live with me only.
Swara:no I will not live here.
Sanskar picked her in his arms and went to the room.

Sanskar put her down.
Swara: sanskar why don’t u let me go.
Sanskar:how many times I should tell u that I love u damm it.
Swara: what kind of love is this where u have to cage me. If u would have loved me truely then u should set me free.
Sanskar:I can’t let u go.
Swara(angrily): why so that u should make me your prey and kill me.u know it was my biggest mistake to love you, trust you and I was stupid that I never get to know about your real identity.
Sanskar:so what if I m beast then also I love u to the core.
Swara:u didn’t love me , u just betrayed me and forced me on bed.
Now it was enough for Sanskar bcoz she was wrongly blaming him.
Sanskar harshly held her and shouted
Sanskar: just shut up swara, how can u only blame me. That night it was our mutual decision and u also crossed the limit with your wish.
Swara: but u didn’t let me know that u r not human but a blo*dy beast.I lost my everything to u. I don’t want to live I just want to kill myself.
Sanskar:don’t u even dare to think like this. U belong to me and u has no right to harm something which is mine.
Swara:why should i listen to a killer like u who kill innocent girls to fulfil his desires.
Sanskar’s beast overpower his heart.
He leaned and bite swara’s neck with his long sharp teeth which he had hidden for his prey.
Sanskar was not in senses and was not knowing what he is doing.
He bite Swara’s neck hardly making it bleed profusely.
Swara felt sharp pain and mourn
Swara(eyes closed with tears flowing): san…skar.
But beast was out of mind. He suck swara’s blood. She felt dizzy bcoz of lose of blood and got unconscious.
Sanskar felt swara’s whole weight on him. It was then when he realized what a big mistake he did.
He pat swara’s cheeks with his shivering hands and
Sanskar (stammering): swa..ra plzz get up. I m so.rry I didn’t wanted to hurt u.
But she was lifeless.
Sanskar is breathing heavily.He never wanted to see his love in this state but
Just bcoz of his mere mistake he stake his swara’s life.
He was getting mad not knowing what to do. He was shaking Swara but Alas no response. Just one thought of lossing his Swara kill him thousand time.
So did he lost his love just bcoz beast overpower his love??
Will he be able to forgive him for his this mistake??
Did Swara lost her life from the hands of the person whom he loved once or was still loving ???
To be continued…

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  1. NDSG


    |Registered Member

    Beast hurt my Shona😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. Bad boy πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ slap for u.

    Sanskar should let her go, if u lover her then let her go, if she returns then she is yours else she wasn’t. It’s that’s simple.

    But I love it. I want u to continue… My best wishes with u.

    And beast Sanku try to control ur anger.

  2. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    Wow superbbb
    But why you didn’t post on watty I was waiting for it from so long…please now post sooner don’t make me wait more….

  3. Neptune


    |Registered Member

    omg marsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…. am shocked seeing this beast…
    my shona what happened to her…. don’t let anything happen to her okay…

    awesome chappy marsuu….
    you know it was too good that it gave me goosebumps…
    post soon dear..
    can’t wait more for it

  4. Kanha

    Awesome yaar. I am going to kill Sanky for hurting Swara. How could he? Jaldi Sanky ko apne mistakes pata chale aur Swasan ek ho jaaye😍😍😍😍 Loveee youuuuuuu lotsssssssss sisooooooo😘😘

  5. Sumayyah


    |Registered Member

    finally u gave me the best surprise thank you so much for this part lots of kisses to u πŸ™‚
    loved this side of Sanskar yaar
    all writers show Sanskar as caring and sweet but it should be a lil different right in a beast way!!!!
    I know that u can’t do anything to Swara hihihi just giving us a lil shock hihihi
    love it marsuuuu I loved it so much

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