Beast’s soulmate (swasan story) Guilty part 3 by Mars

Helloo!! Here comes next part. Very sorry as I didn’t replied on last few updates as now I m on writing mission. I will reply soon.
Let’s begin:

Beast’s Soulmate (swasan story)
GUILTY—- Part 3:
Sanskar’s guest house(jungle):
Swara is lyiny lifelessly in sanskar’s lap.
He is jerking and pleading her to get up but she is not in senses. Sanskar thought what to do to save his soulmate. He picked swara and lie on bed and called nikil with shivering hands.Soon nikil received the call.
Sanskar (stammering): hello nik.hil, plzz bring doctor Swara is not fine.
Nikil:what happened??
Sanskar explained all what he did and about loss of blood from her body.
Nikil:don’t worry I m coming with doctor.
Sanskar cut the call and went near Swara. He started rubbing her hands once again trying to wake her.Tears are non stop flowing from his eyes. He had never cried but today he has become weak.
Later, door bell rings Sanskar ran down and opened the door. Nikil is standing with doctor and few other hospital people who bought the equipments.
Sanskar guide them to the room.
Soon doctor started the treatment, they transfuse the blood and bandaged her wound on neck. Drip was already applied.

Nikil and Sanskar are in the hall as doctor didn’t allow them to enter. Nikil is hell angry at sanskar for his this behaviour.
Nikil:what the hell is this Sanskar, I helped u to keep swara here bcoz I thought u love her but I was wrong. She is like my sister and I can’t leave her with u anymore. Who knows tomorrow u will kill her to satisfy yourself.
Sanskar got angry like how can he say like this.
Sanskar(held his collar): I love her. Even I can’t think of Hurting her so don’t u dare to speak rubbish.
Nikil:ohh really then what is all this. Today bcoz of you she is near to death.
Sanskar(tears flowing): I did all this in anger. I really don’t wanted to do it.
Nikil:it means u failed to save your love from your inner beast.
Sanskar was just looking down bcoz guilt of hurting his love is killing him.
Later, doctor came out.Sanskar ran to him.
Sanskar: how is swara??? She is fine
Doctor: yes she is out of danger. She will gain conscious after few hours.
Sanskar: thank you so much.
Doctor: here I m leaving a nurse, she will take care in any emergency and we need to give her drip also as she is very weak.
Sanskar just nodded.
Nikil: now I need to go to hospital and fulfil all formalities. I will come back to see her.
Sanskar: okay and thanks Yarr
Nikil: no need of thanks just don’t hurt her again.
Sanskar(wipe his tears): never.
Nikil and all others left.
Sanskar went to swara’s room.

Swara’s room:
Sanskar entered inside the room and saw nurse is sitting near Swara. He with baby steps moved forward. Nurse noticed him and went to other side leaving space for him near Swara.
Sanskar sit in front of Swara and stare her for few mins when nurse asked
nurse: how this injury happened?? It was very strange to see such cuts.
Sanskar got speechless what he should say?
Sanskar: I also don’t know as I was out.
Nurse: ohhh
Sanskar: plzz go and sleep in guest room. I will be with Swara.
Nurse: but its my duty.
Sanskar: plzz and if I would need any help then I will call you.
Nurse: fine.
Sanskar: it’s next to this room.
Niurse nodded and left.
Sanskar went closer to Swara and caress her hairs. Tears made their way through his white cheeks.He lean and slightly Peck her forehead. Then he saw bandage on her neck. He kissed their and
Sanskar (mumble): I m sorry for hurting my love.
He entangled his hand with her and don’t know till when he keep on staring her. Later he slept in sitting position only.

Next day:
It was morning and sanskar is sleeping while sitting on floor and head on bed and swasan hands are still entangled.
Swara is getting conscious and she moved her head and was trying to move her hand while it was tightened in Sanskar’s grip.
Sensing some movement, Sanskar got up and saw Swara is trying to open her eyes. He cupped face and said
Sanskar: swara
Finally swara opened her eyes and saw him. His happiness has no bound seeing his love back to normal.
He hugged her tightly and started crying.Swara’s shoulder got wet due to his innumerable tears.
Sanskar: I m very sorry swara. I hurted u.plzz give me one chance and forgive me.
He broke the hug and join his forehead against her. Then only he left she was trying to come out from his strong grip.
He moved little back and saw her.
Swara saw in his eyes and the
Flashbacks of incident came in her mind where she was dead only. She got scared and moved back.
She winced in pain as she hastily moved her hand on which drip is injected.
Sanskar: swara be careful.
But she is looking down. And few tears fell from her eyes. She quickly wiped them clearing way for fresh ones.
Sanskar: plzz swara don’t cry. I will stay away don’t worry.
Swara was just looking down.
Then only nurse came inside. Swara looked at her and was astonished to see some other person here.
Nurse: sir I need to change the drip.
Nurse came near swara when Swara said slowly
Swara: I want to use washroom.
Nurse:okay mam come I will help u.
Sanskar who listened this said
Sanskar: don’t worry I will take her.
Sanskar went close to her and picked her in his arms and went to washroom.
Swara shivered in his touch which even sanskar noticed. It made him feel guilty and hurt as she is scared from him.
Sanskar gently made Swara stand on floor and opened the door. She went inside.
Later, swara came out and sanskar was still standing on the door waiting for her. She want to go on her own but she is least interested in showing drama to nurse.
Sanskar again picked her and then place her softly on bed. Nurse smiles seeing them.
Nurse (to Swara): I must say your husband love u a lot.
Sanskar’s heart flutter listening husband word while swara slightly smiled looking down.

Later, Sanskar came with soup bowl which nurse asked to feed her.
Swara is sitting with the support of the bed. Sanskar sit beside her and started feeding. Sanskar was not liking it bcoz she is all silent neither protesting nor favouring. After feeding soup, Sanskar give her medicine.
Sanskar(teary eyes): swara plz talk to me. U can scold me and even give any punishment I will accept it.
Swara is looking down and whispers
Swara: I want to go to my house.
These words always Pierce Sanskar’s heart but he knew he can’t force her for long.She don’t want to be with him.
Sanskar: I will send you swara when u will recover.
He said these words heavy heartedly and unwillingly.
Swara’s face glew listening that he will leave her
Swara(happily): really???
Sanskar nodded seeing her excitement. This is the first time he saw that swara which was before she knew that he is beast.
Swara (hugged him): thank you.
Sanskar(smiles): it’s okay.
Then he made her lie on bed and cover comforter on her. Soon she was drifted to sleep due to medicine effect. Sanskar kissed her forehead and went to couch and sits there staring her.

Sanskar’s POV:
I m Sanskar, half beast and half human. My life was very simple and I was carefee boy who just kill beautiful girls and satisfy himself. But one girl changed me completely and she is my Swara. Loving a beautiful girl was impossible for me bcoz they were my prey but see I fell head over heels in love for the most beautiful girl of the world.
Yes she is my Beauty Queen(he smiles looking at swara).I was so happy with her. She also used to love me and still love me but her love is overpowered by hurt of being betrayed by me, her love.
I never had any intensions to hide my identity from her but I was waiting for the right time to tell but then it got tooo late.(took deep breathe). No one can change the fact that she is my soulmate. She thinks I forced her on bed but I never wanted to cross limits before telling her what actually I m. But then I had to do it to be alive . Bcoz of her today I m alive, bcoz of our union.
Sanskar’s POV ends
He keep on thinking about his past life.
To be continued….

Sorry for no flashback. Will give in next part. And I will post it soon.
Thank you.


  1. NDSG


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    Guilty beast 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 u should be Sanskar. See now u let her go and she is so happy. Not violence but silence is the best way πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ .
    Now hope with time Swara will accept him. I’m very much desperate to know the past… Please post soon.

  2. Rosey


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    Wow mars too good I love it…
    Sanskaar is guilty 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    And my Shona she is sad…but I wanna know what happened there in past…

  3. Neptune


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    wow yaar the story is becoming more n more interesting day by soon marsuuu…

    both swasan are hurt and both are right at their own place..
    waiting to see how the story takes a new turn…

  4. Kanha


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    Nice part siso. Sanskar ne bohot galat kiya Swara ke saath😀😀😀😀 But use uski galti ka ehsaas hai. Sanskar Swara ko zaroor manayega☺️☺️☺️☺️ Sanskar ke past life mein kya hua?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” Waiting for the next part Mars. Loveeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuu sisooooooooooo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Gayathri.visu


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    Awesome yaar… Sanskaar’s guilt n his care for Swara, Swasan’s pain…..u written very well dear. I m very curious to know what happened in past??!

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