“Congratulation,miss taneja sarna” he mumbled in her ear and the next moment.she could breathe..

he was gone..

Twinkle’s hands were pinned to the pillar from either side.her eyes were still closed and she breathe heavily.

As she felt no-one presence around,she opened her eyes and ran from the back gate to avoid paparazzi. She called suraj to get her car on the back gate and left immediately leaving every1 perplexed and shock of her absence

Twinkle entered the house fully changed from head to toe. Her hairs which were playing on her shouldera were tied up in a bun.her expression could surely declare her a actor.
She walked straight grabbing her clutch and her award was being carried by her driver. A simple and serene smile adding all to her beauty.

Yuvi and sani rush towards her.

“Everything okay.? Why are you o early?” He asked getting no clue from her expression

“Expected you to congratulate me” twinkle looked straight..

*back to her arrogant mode* yuvi mumured and muttered a congratulations

“I have some work.will be working in the room.hoping no-one would disturb me” she walked towards the stairs and turned

“Fine,i’ll sleep with sani today” he replied and holding her in his arms,he left.

Just because she cared for sani and was a bit changed from her self doesnt mean,twinkle taneja is changed…yuvi thought carreseing sani’s hairs as she dozed off.
Suddenly he got a call from some-one and looking at the id.his forehead creased.
Pressing his lips on her forehead,he went to balcony.

“Yes—–What?—-again?—–hmm,ok—–i’ll b there—-hmm—–hmmmm—i…i am!!—yeah—-thank u–” he talked on the phone and got back.his eyes held tears welled up.he took a deep breath and lyed beside sani.

On the otherhand, twinkle lamded on her bed as tears rolled down her cheeks…she rubbed her face hard and hard with a cloth especially the two corners of her lips.where the disgusting man had kissed.
Her phone rang as the clock stuck 12
She wiped her tears and answered it.

“Winki…winki..winki…” Some1 chuckled as her jaws tightened

“Who the hell are u?” Her words dint choke and ahe shouted her lungs out

“————-” no reply came though she heard waters drippling on the other side

“Why did u called me?”

“See the date,miss taneja oopsss sarnaa” he grithed his teeth and the call ended.

Twinkle saw the date.



“So he is related to me.but who is it” twinkle tossed around the bed whole night restlessly.

The next morning shone as twinkle got ready in a black leather jacket with pink tees inside.she wore a black capry and grabbing her bottle.she tossed out for her morning jog.

As she was heading back,she felt some1 presence behind her.twinkle turned to see no-one except few morning ppls.
She ran fast as she felt helpless.sweat beads formed on her face.
Suddenly she felt a yamaha’s sound nearing her.
She closed her eyes and slanted her head to right.
She slowly opened her eyes and what she saw made her dumb.
A man in black taking a turn,8-10 steps far away from his bike slanted he turned towards her and winked her.
For a moment,she felt it a cute wink but the next moment she ran and set under a tree of the park.

Past days incident crossed her minds as she closed her eyes n again the wink crossed her mind.

Damn…the mystery man is cute.

She felt the grass crushing beside her that means again some1 was nearing her.remembering the laat nights incident she palms her fad when a hand reached her shoulder

“Take your a*s away from her,you bl**dy ma–” before shecould continue,her eyes took a glance of yuvi.

It was he.YUVI.
Twinkle sighed

“Are you okay? Whay happened..anything wrong twinki?”

“No–umm.Nothing..was tired so sat here..”

“And what u were saying”

“Umm..nothing..a begger was following” she replied tensedly as he sat beside her.his face was pale and she could feel some tension..”what is it? You are looking tensed.?”

“Umm..nothing..js a outing”

“In the park?”

“Umm..yeah..kindof..”he chuckled sadly.

They both left on his bike.

As soon as they reach sani came running sobbing hard.she had a bad dream of being alone in a dark place. Her father was disappeared and her mother was was just a horrorful for the little one.

Twinkle calmed her down and sat beside her on the dining table for the lunch.
She feed her as yuvi’s eyes dropped a tear.
He pressed her sob with his teeth holding his lips.when it was uncontrollable.he just ran away to his room.

“How much i love you twinkle.? How much i love her? How much i want this? Thank you bhagwan that you are changing her for a good.sani needs her”


Its all twisty,right?
Haha,i know…

And hey,dont just tell me it is short..i cant provideu much.
I will give,how much the chapter demands..

And about comments,you guys are making me hopelesss..
I js dont wanna beg anymore.
Thank u soo much for your not so good response.
If u want,u can cmnt…
And the 4 bl**dy creatures who ‘dislike'(d) the previous chapter.
You may leave the page and dont read my story again.

Thank you❤
(Note sarcasm?)


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