Yuvi’s eyes moisted again
“Sia craved for your love since 6 years twinkle.i am really happy that you are atleast giving some time to her.i am really thankful to you.within that i am finding my old twinkle back.The twinkle whom I LOVED AND STILL LOVE…AND WAITING FOR THE DAY WHEN YOU TOO CONFESS YOUR LOVE” he smiled “but that cant happen.atlast in this birth *sad smile* but i will love you till the end”

“Papa..where are u lost.come’on we are going back” sani shouted holding his hands and pulling him.

“Hmm..coming” he said and then left with them.

Twinkle was feeling good too playing with lil girl.somewhere in her heart she felt guilty about spoiling her own daughters childhood.snatching her mother from her but that realization was in the corner and left there.
As soon as they reached home.Twinkle went to the study room and start working.

Sani’s face fell as she expected to have lunch with her but without even starting a convo,twinkle left. Though the little angel thanked god for changing her mother. A bit,atleast..!
Kunj stood there hipping his hands.
UNBELEIVABLE!!!,he thought.

The great twinkle luthra,she is..
Oops before that she is TWINKLE TANEJA/SARNA.
(No typo)

When yuvi went to her.he saw her in a very unexpected state.
She was sitting on the couch,her laptop in her lap.but her hands palming her face as she was frustrated.

Her phone rang.
And she picked up

“Who the hell are you,just dont call me again. You b**tard”

“Hey,its suraj twinki..are u okay” suraj answered and she slapped her forehead

“Ah..i a alright.whats up?”

“Umm…nothing just gotta tell you that you need to attend tonight party.remember ‘fashion designer of the year’ award.?”

“Oh thank god,that you reminded me.thank u so much”

“No worr..aakhir dost hi dost ke kaam aata hai..”

“Achcha ji…chal ab rakh..i will be there”

She disconnected the call and saw yuvi staring at her and she asked him ‘what’ through sign.

He signed ‘nothing’ and smiling he left.

In the evening-

Twinkle got ready in a red gown.with simple makeup and red velvet lipstick.looking damn awesome and attractive.
She paired a long 4 inch pencil heels and a silver diamond clutch


Nearly at 8 pm,she reached there and was surrounded by the media.after a amount of 15 minutes.suraj help her to cut the path and led her in.

There were all fashion designers present among the world.
Every man’s eye widened seeing her but her eyes just shined seeing the golden award on the stage.

They all settled down and the function as usual start with a boring speech.

“And this year 2017’s best fashion designer award goes to..” The host shouted as one of the chief guest stood up and read the name.

His eyes stopped at ‘vikram khanna’.every year’s award grabbing prson but then moved and stopped at twinkle..

“Goes to twinkle taneja a.k.a twinkle yuvraj luthra”

A huge clasp of hands broke twinkle’s trance and she smiled.
Walking up to the stage,she was honoured with the award.

“Thank you,thank you so much.i am glad that you thought me compatible for this award.once upon a time it was my dream award and here today.its in my thank you so much.a big thanx to my whole team to co-operate with me and also thanx to my family that they encouraged me..thank you”

Yuvi and sani watched through the tv and his eyes wide open.whats wrong with twinkle.?
She just thanked her employees and family?
Thats really unexpected.!!!!

As the function continued,twinkle as usual was bored,she grabbed a juice glass and walk through the corriodor to go to garden backside,to avoid those media’s

Twinkle was walking,her heels clicked in the silent corriodor.
Suddenly a rough hand pulled her through her arms and next moment she was pinned to the round pillar.

“What th—–” before she could complete.

“Shhh..” The man mumbled,his face was covered with a black half mask.which just showed his eyes,a bit of his nose and his lips..he pressed his fingures on her lip inorder to zip her shout.
She shivered as his hands wrapped around her waist.

He moved closer and kissed at the corner of her right lip.
She closed her eyes,she was caged..
Her forehead creased as she felt just disgusted.

The man moved and kissed the left corner of her lip.

“Congratulation,miss taneja sarna” he mumbled in her ear and the next moment.she could breathe..

Hence,he was gone…..


Beat me?
Slap me?
Pinch me?
But dont hate me.?

Kya karu….cliffhangers are my fav.

Hope you liked/disliked it?
Cause with ‘like/dislike’..
You are getting fond of pressing dislike too?.one person is my hater..and i love you?

Chalo keep guessing.
You guys got involved in the sweet wale chaps ke u forget the main twists? so thought to remind u..

And yeah in previous..i wrote sia..sorry i wasnt in mood so that was typo..its sani only..


Loads of love

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