“Hey,are u there…why yuvi isnt answering the call too,i asked evrything fine.?” Kunj voice broke her trance

Yuvi was looking at her with confusion about whom she was talking to and why aint she answering…
She passed the phone to yuvi and he talked to him,weeping remembering about his mother state,in btwn..

In 15 minutes,kunj was there for his friend
Yuvi wasnt standing up from his chair,his tears had dried up ,he was way too much vulnerable
Twinkle,for the first time felt bad seeing sia crying badly
She took her in her arms and she dozed off in some time

Kunj convinced every-one and sent them back home asit was night now

“Twinkle you also leave with sia,i would be here with yuvi”

She just nodded in no. From ghe tim he was here,she had neither spokea word neor unwraped her arms around the sleeping sia

“Please leave.anita aunty would be can come in the morning”

She again nodded in no

“Atleast leave for sia.she had already dozzed off. Leave for this little angel”

This wasnt a good idea of him to speak that out
Only yuvi and twinkle knew what relation she shared with sia
Though,she had scooped her in her arms but that doesnt mean that her icey metal brain would melt,so soon
It needs time to heal

“Twinkle atleast for today take sia with you.i will be there in the morning for her” yuvi said as kunj looked on confused

“Fine i am leaving”

She stood up with 6 years old sia in his arm.
She took a hold of the handle of the door for a support but that turned out to be a bad idea.
When the door clicked open with he weight and she slipped

Sia’s grip loose from her arms and she was about to fell opposote to her but kunj hold sia in yime wile yuvi hold her both hands secure enough not to fell
Twinkle looked on another moment and her(sia’s) head would touch the floor

She mumbled a ‘thank u’ to kunj. And walked further
Kunj dint left sia from his arms and thought to drop them till the car
She admired the little one

“She is way more cuter than twinkle ” he thought and chuckled

Both walked slowly till the car,stealing awkward glance

Kunj driver was already there so twinkle sat in and kunj made sia sleep in her lap,as tgey drove off

Following 7 days were painful and amazing which no-one thought

Painful was that,anita’s operation wasnt succesful but thank to god and hos miracle that they tried another doctor and she was fine and the amazing was,yuvi was hell busy in his sorrows and griefs that sia got to spent time with her mom.

Though twinkle wasnt the one to conpromise with her works,but the most she did was to take sia with her to the office causing to grew sia’s and kunj’s bond even more stronger than twinkle and sia.
She admired how he handled sia when she cant a bit.but than slapped herself mentally about thinking of another man.though it was related to sia.
Unwantedly or whatever,she was married to yuvi and neither cant she forget that ‘she was TWINKLE YUVRAJ LUTHRA’

Twinkle somewhere felt bad of the little soul which craved for her mother’s love.
Little bit,but atleast she was getting now and sia was very happy with the outcome

It was sunday,and anita was discharged last night already.
Yuvi,after handing the medicine to his kother went to her daughters room to wake her up where he saw something really unexpected

Twinkle drew the curtain off and turned to sia

“Hey,wake up..its been five minutes.i am telling to do that” she whined and hipped her hands

Yuvi smiled “she takes 30 minutes to do that,miss.mumma” he mumbled

Sia unrolled from her blanket and stretched her hands,she blinked the eyes

“Sorry mumma,i am very sleepy today,let me sleep na its sunday” she said and looked at her

Twinkle gave a unbeleivable look

“Oh god,you know when i was small usha ma use to wake me up at 7 on sunday” she sat on the bed

“O my god,why” sia was always excited to make a long convo with her dear mother and share everything of her day with her,like other kids do

“Because sunday wasnt suppose to be a funday instead gunday,dishoom dishoom..we use to play in a gardn near to our house”

“Wow,that would be so much fun,na.?”

“Yes.” Twinkle replied as sia stood up and tied her long hairs into a ponytail before leaving to bathroom

“I also want to play,but my friends dont live here” sia sighed sadly and was about to enter the bathroom

“Siuu baby,your cool uncle is still alive..” Kunj entered pushing sneaking yuvi into the room too

“What.? You will play with me.?”

“Ofcourse and infact your mumma-papa,too” he said and looked at them
Yuvi was already zoned off this world seeing the rare view or can say negligible view.
His eyes was moist but he wiped off and nodded to her as she clung onto her arms and mumbled him ‘i missed you’

“Mumma you.?”

“Umm..sorry i cant…..kunj we have a meeting today na.?”

“That we can have tomorrow..lets have fun today”

“Pls mumma”

“Fine” twinkle smiled

They trio along with sia went to the garden(there own private in front of the house)

They played hide and seek as well as many others.
Sia was very much happy that her mother played with her.
Twinkle laughed and giggled,for some.moment yuvi find old twinkle playing with sia

Yuvi’a eyes moisted again
“Sia craved for your love since 6 years twinkle.i am really happy that you are atleast giving some time to her.i am really thankful to you.within that i am finding my old twinkle back.the twinkle whom I LOVED AND STILL LOVE YOU TWINKLE AND WAITING FOR THE DAY WHEN YOU TOO CONFESS YOUR LOVE


What was that.???

Yuvi loves her?…
Will he change into good ot becone a billainnin twinj love story??

Hope you all liked the family and love saga chapter…
Hope it was good…

Well this small epis are very imp for the story line..

And finally,

Not going to beg for cmnt anymore…
You guya are just too much.until and unless you dont get a lecture you dont wanna cmnt.
Atleast,if you are reading,think that we do hardwork of writing

Actually and personally,i have lost interest in opening and posting on every1 just take writers for granted,just for there own entertainment.
We really dont like to blackmail you and i toh never do that.

Its all my fault that after taking a decesion of leaving,i started another two ff.
But no worries,just for a month i will end both ff in the bext month☺
And leave forever ?.
I know ypu guys just hate ne thay is the reason on my junoon wala ishq evry other qriter got more than 13-15 cmnts n i jz got 10-11.?

Well thank u soo much to those..who did
I will really miss you guys?..but sorry this time my decesion doesnt gonna change.
You all have hurted me very much…
Sorry, and
Enjoy few chapter of both ff?


(pls dont tell me to change the decesion u guys will cmbt for smtym n den again same.and yeah i was going to drop in btwn but i m continuing)

Loads of love

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