Kunj went to his house….he was working on his lappy when his phone rang…
“Hello..!”he answered the call and asked

“Hey r u..? Suna,ki tu india aaya hai..!”

“Haa bhai…aaj subah hi flight se aaya hu…!(point to be noted my readers)”

“Missed u buddy..!”

“Missed u too man..!”

“Achchaa,call isliye kiya tha….that i m coming there in smtime….humaare tino bandar ke saath..!_ chal byeee..!”

“Hey..hey wait..!” Sidhant tried to stop he had a meeting with twinkle..but the call was already cutt…

Twinkle reached sarna mansion exact at the time…..i.e. 7:00 pm..
She had wore a classy pink tanktop and jeans…

She had wraped a shawl around her neck to hide the marks…

She rang the bell…whereas kunj told his servant to open the door…and send her in his room..

Kunj was a multimillionaire…and the richest in whole asia…spotlight of midea whereas front page of magazines…..

A servant opn the door and asked her to went to his room..
She was feeling highly nervous….going to his rooom…though she rubbing her hands..
Slowly headed as guided by the servant….

After a minute..
She was standing outside a royal room..with a wooden door having golden frame hanging there..
She dint paid attention to that frame…and knock the door..
As knob was already open..
The door flung open..
Revealing a enormous blue andblack shaded room..

On the right side there was a big wooden almirah…bside is there was a dressing table…
On the left side corner,exactly beside a big window..there was his bed..

A king sized bed….the bed was wooden too..with blue and black bedsheet on..

The walls printed had a wierd combo…again it was black and blue..
The left side wall was whole black..while the other sides had a blue and black multi combinations…
She gasped…as his scent hit her nostril…
She looked at the window at the corner of the room..
There he was talking to some1 on phone…and sipping his cup of coffee…
Twinkle thought not to disturb him..and silently sat on the cosy sofa there…

She looked around again…admiing his room…

“I want whole information..i dont care..what it cost..but i want it…ANYHOW….did u get it..??”he shouted and cut the call..

He turned to see a silent twinkle surfing something in her phone…
She looked dammnnn gorgeous..
Before his hormone wouldrise…he sat infront of her..on another sofa..

She greeted him….while he returned it back..

As they started the presentation in hus laptop…
He had to sit beside her toshow her the details..
Twinkle felt nervous…to his closness…she stirred and moved far..
Kunj,then sat on the floor..examining the presentation intently..
Twinkle felt relaxed…

They both continue….
“Excuse me..?”twinkle said as she got a call..
He nodded..
She left to the small balcony leading to the outside natural view..

Kunj thought to order for some juice as she return..
He stood and was about to leave when he heard twinkle scolding some1

“How dare u mr.whoever…u b**tard…how dare u do that with me..? Dont call me again…and dont ever try to reach me…….did u get that..??”
And she cut the call..kunj immediately went and sat on the sofa again..
She returned having a sweat beads all over her face…

” are you okay..?” He asked…

“Umm…yes..i m ok..can i use the washroom..pls..!?”she asked

“Yea sure..!”
Kunj pointed towards the washroom..and she left..

The moment she left…her phone again rang…
Kunj saw the caller find unknown..

He immediately answered it..

“Winki..winki…winkiii…!”some1 rhymed monotously…

Kunj was about to cut it when..

“Aa raha hoon..jaaneman…see u tonightt…be aware returning from HiS house”

Kunj cut the call immediately..and deleted the call log..
He put her phone again..

And called sm1…
He told smthng which was mute..

And then he called again sm1
It was mute too

(Confuse hogaye na.???)

Twinkle returned soon..and they resumed there work again..


Taking a sigh..that they did…they went to the dining table when the servant came..

“Sir..the gang has came..!”

“Oopss..i forgot about them…okay..send in..!”

The dooorrr flew open…and there comes few boys running…

“Ohhh jaaaneejaaannaaaa..!” A man shouted..
Twinkle felt the sound known…
She turned…

Sorry sorry..sorrryyyy…
Sorry that i dint cmplt the precap..
But trust me i wasnt going to post too..
But i did..right..?

That too js for my favourite reader..



Well i have something very imp to tell u all..
But not now..
Junoon wala ishq will be posted soon..maybe with this only..
So read the note at the end..

And about ‘thinking combo’

I m extremely sorry for the delay..
That will b posted by tomorrow too..

Have a goood day..


Love u

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    total confusion he yrrrr…..
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    and Happy birthday dear ramya,…..
    really you are a very very lovely reader…
    support every1 …….
    thank u dear,/……
    hope u have enjoyed ur day well

    Keep smiling and stay blessed????
    LOVE u !!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????
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    1. Aamu

      Already posted first chappy akkj..check it out..??
      Love u..and thank u soo much
      Glad u liked it

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