“Meet to-be-mrs.sarna…mahi goenkaa…and mahi this is yuvi luthra,his wife twinkle TANEJA and their daughter sani”

Twinkle and mahi looked eachother aghast….


“Hii,nice to meet you” yuvi’s voice brought her back to reality.
She muttered a ‘hello’ and sat on her seat.
Kunj and mahi both sat together with them.making them more embarass.

Twinkle wasnt able to see his sitting wit another girl.
The dinner went on smooth with some little gossips.
She gotto know that kunj and mahi met in UK…and from past 4 months,they were dating.
Mahi was an orphan and never had any family,this was information she got when yuvi asked them.

Twinkle then asked mahi that did she had been in india before?
She just replied stuttering that she had never been.
It was a her first time and kunj was helping her visit numerous places.

After the dinner,twiraj with sani left leaving kunj and mahi there.

“I love you” mahi whispered entangling their arms nd moving closer to him.

Kunj just smiled and replied ” i love you too”

They both sat in a car having some gossips.

“Why did you told them i am to be mrs.sarna?”

“Come’one. We love eachother so in future we would be for sure and i dint got anyword so just slipp of tongue,maybe”
Mahi smiled
“Why you dont wanna marry me?” Kunj voice soung disappointed.

Okay,he truely loved her!

Mahi smiled and nodded in no “i am waiting for our marriage,mr handsome sarna”
She said and kissed his cheeks

“Me too…?”

They zoomed off to sarna mansion.

The next morning.

Twinkle was as usual on her morning walk where she find mahi too.
She was excercising wearing a small sleeveless t-shirt with a track. Her hair was in a ponytail.

Twinkle rolled her eyes and was about to leave buther eyes caught a brown mark on her right shoulder.
Her eyes widened up and she ran away.

Twinkle was exhausted but she chose to reach herhome as soon as possible.
Suddenly a car came towards her. She was about to crash into it but the driver stopped the car.
Twinkle was breathing heavily. She was about to run again but yuvi stopped her.

“Twinkle?”he called her coming out of the car.


“Are you alright?”

“Yeah..i want to go home”

“Ok..come with me..i am going home too” twinkle immediately sat and he drove off.

On the way.

“What were you doing in the park early morning?” Twinkle asked

“Umm…just came to have some fresh air…” He smiled sadly to her.


Silence prevailed…..



“Can you please come on a dinner with me tonight?”

“We did yesterday only na”

“Yeah..but its for we too..only please?”
His voice was low and lazy. Twinkle couldnt help angreeing.

As soon as they reach the house,twinkle went to her room and called someone

“I want you to get some information——-hmmm—- find out if any passenger from kolkata to mumbai flight on 20 october 2005 were alive or not—–haa i know but i want to know—–clear?—– i want it by evening and maximum tomorrow morning”

She freshened herself and went to hall for the breakfast

“Where is sani?”she asked

“Still sleeping” one of servant replied

Twinkle stood up to leave for sani’s room.
When she reached,she stoped at the door seeing the sight

Yuvi was tickling her feet
“Baby…time to wake up…” He shouted but she was only twinkle’s daughter only….a big sleepy head!

No response came from her…

“If you’ll wake up..i will prepare wmyour favourite cup cakes with my hand”

“Reallly?” Sani stood up from her sleep

“Yeass” he replied and she clung onto his arm and hugged him Tightly.

“You are the best papa in the world” she kissed her father’s cheek

“And you are the best daughter”

“I love you papa”

“I love you too my princesss” his voice was low as they had already merge into bathroom.

Twinkle had unknowingly fresh tears in her eyes.
He had treated sani as he was her mother.
What twinkle would be doing all this year,he did!
From waking her up to giving bath to finishing her homework to making her sleep singing a lullaby…he had did it all.

She felt she was the worstest mother on the earth,who just gave a birth to a child and left her alone.
She never gave her a motherly love.
But yuvi was not less. He never let her feel lack of mother love in sani’s life.
He was always there for everyone.
Even for her,who would always fight with him.
Inshort,accordingg to twinkle.
He was the pure soul!


In the evening. Twinkle got ready in a blue long shrug with a white t-shirt inside and a torn bluish jeans,giving herself a classy look.

When she went downstair yuvi was already ready chatting with sani.
Sani bid them bye and wished them to have a great dinner.

The car drive was silent. Yuvi kept on rubbing his palms on his upper lip. Wiping out the invisible sweats.

As they reached there,yuvi opened the door for her and she smilingly came out.

He had booked a private part decorated with ballooms and red roses.
Twinkle was perplexed but moved on,smiling at his cute gesture.

The waiter came to them and they ordered a apple juice.
Sipping into it,yuvi started the conversation with light talk from business to taking it to personal.

He was nervous and was trying to say something but wasnt able to.

“Do you want to say something?”

“ do u know?”

“I js know…bas telll what is it”
Yuvi pressed his both lips together and closed his eyes remembering something.
A sweat dropped from his right forehead.

“I love you” he blurted in a sigh and twinkle stood there dumbfound

“Wha—-“she was about to chuckle but he stopped her putting his hand on her

“I know you are shock,confused and many much. I know you dont reciprocate but i dont want to keep it in my heart anymore. I—i am sorry. But i really love you. I loved you from when we were young. I always admired you. Your smile is what brings a smile to my face. You are only one in my heart and would bein future. I always waited forbyou to change but seems so till then IT WOULD BE TOOO LATE TO CONFESS…..” His eyes were closed and spoke in one breathe.

Twinkle stood their dumbfound.

It was right she admired him.she always wished good for him in an arrogant way. He always made her feel comfortable.
From her good times to bad times,he was there.
During the unwanted prgnancy he was there as a shadow to her.

It would offend him,if she deniess!!!

Hope you guys liked it!

The story will be taking a 360° turn. It would be really complicated and you will hate some particular character. But as story will unfold you will get it…

Whom do you like more?
Kunj or yuvi?
Be frank,okay?

And for me…I LOVE YUVI? (in this ff…..i really admire him)

What about you?


Loads of love

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      Thank u soo much for the wishes yaar..
      Nvm..its late or not..
      Better late than never right?
      Glad you like my works..
      Always enjoy reading ur cmnts that how u put ur thought rather than super or amazing word..
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