“I know you are shock,confused and many much. I know you dont reciprocate but i dont want to keep it in my heart anymore. I—i am sorry. But i really love you. I loved you from when we were young. I always admired you. Your smile is what brings a smile to my face. You are only one in my heart and would bein future. I always waited forbyou to change but seems so till then IT WOULD BE TOOO LATE TO CONFESS…..” His eyes were closed and spoke in one breathe.

Twinkle stood their dumbfound.

It was right she admired him.she always wished good for him in an arrogant way. He always made her feel comfortable.
From her good times to bad times,he was there.
During the unwanted prgnancy he was there as a shadow to her.

It would offend him,if she deniess!!!

She sat confused. Her hands went cold.her head started to ache.

She dont love him but she couldnt reject him just like a trash.
She wasnt that much heartless,atleast?!

If it would be a month back and she was the only same twinkle.
Maybe it wouldnt be difficult too much butmany things changed from past days.
She had started to notice her surroundings.

She was changing. Changing for good.
She had started caring for her daughter.
A bit though. But something is better than nothing right?
And this all was just because of him.

She simply cant reject him.
Her mind travelled the memories again and again. While yuvi looked at her longingly for her to open her mouth which she never did.

There awkward moment was broken by yuvi’s call.

“Bolo,mr.sarna…” He answered trying to sound cool “are nothing happened!” He replied and twinkle guessed that kunj find out he was sad “i am fine” there was a pause. He took a deep sigh “hmmm..bye”

They complete their dinner and sat in the car as yuvi drove off.
The car ride was silent until they came to their mansion.

Twinkle was about to open the door when yuvi stopped her.

“I dont love me and i know thattoo you dont want to hurt me by rejecting” he smiled sadly
“Its alright i am fine. But please dont hate me by being silent. Atleast we can talk as we use to do earlier?”

Twinkle smiled “sure mr.arrogant luthra” she used her most favourite arrogant tone.
While yuvi chuckled.
“Its you and not me” he said and twinkle came out of the car.

They entered the house ans saw sani sleeping on the sofa.
Yuvi went further and picked her in his arms and went to drop her till her room.

Twinkle smiled at his sweet gesture.
She has given her birth but he had been her mother all the time!


Days passed,twiraj were back to normal life.
Last week only yuvi had been to his sudden business trip and sani was left with twinkle.

Mainly till now,he used to take her with him. But this time he left with a sudden plan.
Twinkle was confused but then washed it away.
Sani used to miss him though twinkle tried to let her busy in on or other things.
She would took herc to office when she dint have to go to school and will pick and drop to school herself.
In this one week,she also made sani’s favourite cheese franky on of the day to make her happy.

It was really tough to do the think like that as from past years from when her mom died,she left cooking.

She would usually make a call to yuvi every morning for sani as she would always miss him.
Also she took her to the public park twice that week.
One along with her few frienda and another time. Just to stroll around and have a peaceful walk.

The whole seven days were not so fine for sani as from the day she had opened her eyes. There wasnt a single day,she had not seen yuvi,her super dad. And as he left without taking her that too for a whole week. She was sad with him.
The first day,she was sad but from the next day.. It turned out to be A NEW BEGINNING.
Twinkle had been changing with little stuffs but from then she tried her best to take care of her as how yuvi did.
One or other way,the little angel felt good of finally having a loving mother!

It was saturday, exactly seven days to yuvi’s absence.
Sani felt on sofa watching her favourite cartoon. She wanted to watch movie but she heard twinkle talking on phone regarding a important meeting. She never wanted to come in her mothers business way,so she kept quiet just watching the tv and cursing her father again to left her.

It was 8 when they conpleted there dinner and sani ran towards her grandmother room to hear a good story as usual.

Anita was in her bathroom so she sat on the bed just looking around.
Sani saw a black thing under her pillow. She pulled it out to see a small black frame.

Seeing it carefully.
She made out,one was anita herself.
There was another lady with her and two girl and a boy standing.
One girl was having an arrogant look. And the another had angry look because the boy was pulling her hairs.
She chuckled at that childish pose and when she looked up. Anita mrged out of the washroom.

“Dadi..!” Sani squirmed and helped her to reach till the bed.
Anita saw her glancing the frame. “Who is it?” She asked

“Its me…see” anita pointed herself.

“I know but what about rest.?”

“Ummm…see this is your parents” before she could point out. Sani eyes shined and scanned the frame and she pointed the same boy and girl. In which boy was pulling her hairs

“Yea…how do you know?”

“Ita quite simple. As they are still childish” she replied and giggled cutely

“Who is childish?” Yuvi’s voice broke her reverie. Sani looked back to see an exhausted pale yuvi standing on the door with a bag.

“Dadd….” She shouted and jumped out of the bed and ran to hug his leg.
He pulled her up in his arms and murmured “i miss you” and placed a kiss on her cheeks.

“I mishhh you tooo” she said pulling his cheek and then kissing it.
“Why did you left without taking me.? I am hurt” she jumped from him and stood there dramatically.

Yuvi bend down.
“Sorry….but it was a sudden plan and something important…” He said and pouted “am i forgiven?”



“On one condition…”


“Hmmm…so take me to movies” she replied happily pouring her excitement.
First yuvi gave a tiredful expression but seeing her happy he agreed.

Afterall, a daughters smile is where fathers happiness lies…


Sorrry…for no twinj scenes..

I know you all are gettin more of twiraj. Sorry but i cant give much of twinj.
twiraj are married…soo..

But trust me..its gonna change further…

Well well welll..
As i already said.
Please stay calm. I may be late with update coz my schoolshave started. But i willtry my best.

Also..i saif i will end it in november. But here main climax and twists in the stories are still left so i have made a decesion.

Its my 124th post…
So yea…i will end both of my fanfic on my 150th.
So maybe 13 chapters for both are left.

Also…again repeating.
There will be a big twist in the story please stay calm.

I dont give precap for this fanfic..but take it today..

PRECAP- Twiraj in the movies theatre at late night——–a wicked persons half confession along with a clue——–and a dread…..

Hope you liked it girl.❤
Thanx for your wonderful comments. I love the way you describe of each scenes..thank u so much?

Comments are decreasing again?…

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