The Beast and his……?(Ishqbazz-FF) Episode 3




Anikas POV-

Its really diffiicult to say how things got changed..but still we are bound to few i m bound now
but what was that?..
shivay dint even touch me..what the hell is he up to now..
its already too late i must inner voice choked..
and my other side of voice said that tommo onwards my revenge ll begin..

i heard a sobbing voice..i was then interrupted by my witty taughts..i opened my eyes…and what did i see..
the devil the same devil who ruined my life is sobbing..
he taought i have may be hes doing so..
i slowly walked to couch…were he was sleeping..
i heard him murmurming..
i could not hear him clearly…i only could here him chiting my name..
i wanted to hear him..but how?
han obvio i ll go near to him and hear him..
i went really closer inces aparts us..
his hot breaze…ufff..
he has the same charm..
i left all what wandering taughts and bent closer…
i was about to hear..

“I know i m hot and handsm..but control wifeee…”,he choked…
Anika gets up immediately…and goes to bed and sleeps

shivays POV..
i m a beast..but i m also human mistakes happen n that happened..u ll neva forgv me thats for sure..
but i know u love me..more than i love u..i know how to win u back..
(CAUTION-now only its shivika oky..and other siblings are just as a side role type..their work not more than few minutes)

Anika pov’
what was that? i could not make up things eeuuuu i m still thinking same..
i could here few words…
i feel hes innocent but no hes not..
uffff Anika if u dream abt him na then for sure u ll becm mad..and get ready i shd make his life hell..

tommo is my first rasoi…

next day..
Anika is in kitchen..
mohit-hello dii opps i mean bhabhi…
sorry i ll make a habit of it soon..
well do mahi know the cooking..?
M-actually after our marrige if i want something then i can say her
A-u can ask me i ll prepare it..
Am-gm bhabhi..i m so happy u are here..
bcz of u my life changed(she became bold guys)
now bhai also ll change..i just wish i get a bhai with caring and ..
M-stop..yar choti stop..vese whats special bhabhi..?
first rasoi and all?
A-what u want..
M-no basundii
Am-hmm rasgulla? as bhai too likes it..
A-oky i ll prepare all 3 and u must eat all 3..
U-are bhaurahi..all well na beta..
A-g maa…u say what sweet u like so that i can prepare..
U-dont say me ur preparing all s fab dishes..u make kheer thats enough..
U-no..i m ur MIL n u shd prepare only kheer..

Anika prepare kheer..and smirks..
she serves everyone..
just then shivay cms..
all are just controlling themself..
A-pati g…cm have the kheer..
S(to himself)-wts going on in this devils mind…
so sweet to me..?
lets chk..
S-no i have meetings..
A-but a bf wont make ur meetings fall..and 1 meeting wont make u loose..
pati g..
M-pati g?
A-han i shd respect him and must not call him by his name
pati g..
S-u can also call me shivay oky
he sits for brekfast..
A-i want my pati g to taste it first..
Anika takes a bowl and pors the kheer in it..
(he intensionally shows as if..shes poring it from main bowl but she not)
she gives it to shivay..
shivay takes a sip..and then looks at Anika angrily..
and then thinks
S-(himself)ohh shit how can i forget that Anika dont even know cooking…
infact she just too bad at it..
n how to tell her that she has added salt..
that to such an extent that i can have BP now..
and it ll raise to such and extent that i may die with in know time..
are yar abhhi tak to mere bachhe bhi nahi huve hai..
i want to witness my sisters wedding and all..
ad what if she gives it to my family members..
nononono i cant let that happen..
he looks towards Anika whos smiling and laughing with mohit and amya..

Anika was about to give a kheer bowl to usha first..
but shivay draged whole bowl and drank if he was hungry from past a week…
all looked at shivay in disbelif..
shivay composes himself and comes back to his beast avtar and give what look?
and moves while all starts laughing..
as on shivays coat
their was a tag

it was then noticed by his bodyguard..who told him abut it..
shivay looked furiously at Anika and left….

M-what yar i wanted to taste the kheer and this guy..uff..
A-uff..who said han i kept it for all of us..
ramu kaka plz get that..
and then all have the kheer…
and praze her..


shivay comes home and sits on sofa…
just then usha enters..
U-how was the day beta..
U-wese Anika prepared good kheer hai na?
i mean how
U-actually ur wife is brilliant and beauty with brain..
she kept a bowl aside for all of she knew u would do so..
S-(himself)so my lovely wife has learnt cooking not bad..
n it was just a prank.. this beauty has conquered some brain..
U-challo u go to room i ll send coffee..

(shivika’s room)
S-wait i m forgetting something..?
where is this Anika..
did she run away..
no she cant do that she very well know that i can destroy her sister so she ll never do that..not even dream of doing that..
A-here is ur coffeee…
and here is ur file..
plz read it..’shivay
S-wait what did u call me?
are u ..i mean…
shivay looked at the file and was shocked..
how dare u touch my thing..
who gave u the permission..
did u forget u r a slave..
A-slave are treated like slave not like a queen as u r treating me..
y u din touch me..harm me..
y…did u prefer sleeping on couch and left me to sleep on bed…?
y did u prefer my comfortness..
u saw the paper thing also..but u din scold me..
u also saw..and knew that kheer thing was aprank..but still ur quite…
i knew my answers now..
but i want to here it shivay…
it was not only my child but urs too..
and no human can do so with his own child…
now ll u tell me?
shivay by the time had completely broken..
he din knew from wher to start and from where to end..
all he knew was to be guilty..

he continued..
i din rape u Anika infact din even touch u…
(guys few tu cmmnts said that i m confusing..them…with flashback and back to its all like shivay ki kahani shivay ki zubaani..
wow i din knew i can make such good praise)

shivay plz say me everything in a clear way..
A-but promise me..u wont be angry…
S-oky..i promise u..
A-that day..when we were returning from trop party..
we both were kidnapped..
and infront me eyes..
u were hipnotised ..
they then gave u injection and made u sleepy…
they made u believe and think that i took advantage of u..
and then..i was made to sleep with u forcefully..
they had few vulger pics of u..
they thretend me..
that will leak it..
it was croped pics ..
but i could not help..
i wanted to save u..
but i was helpless…
then when u woke up..
i was still more helpless..
then i taught its better if we now take ur relation up to our parents..
by saying that we both went in flow..
i convinced u..
and made u agree to marry me..
then after few days..
i again got call from those..
they made fake pregnency papers..
and then…
u said me that u are preg..
they made me give u vitamin tablets…
and then made u belive that i had given u abortion tablet..
and these are those deal papers Anika..
this marriage was also a part of it..
i m very helpless…
i m a bad lover..yar sorry..
then u know na dad..
how he left maa…
he only came here for chii even to say that i feel ashamed..
first that frustration and then this..
both turned me into a monster yar..i m sorry..
this frustration made a sister a brother an mom and all others to just hate me..
i m very bad na Anika..
i m very bad…
A-who has tears in her eyes…
i love u shivay…
and no need to for any such..
i just want to know who the guy is..
plzz say me na shivay..
S-no need i love u a lot..
and ur my jalli na..
so i better not say else he ll die..
dont worry hes in jail now…

sence-3(ready for the surprise…guys….)
(read on ur risks).
A-shivay plz come with me..
S-what but where
A-cm na..
u get ready…fast..
S-hmm k..
A- looks more goos ri8..
S-did u forgive me..
A-when was i miffed with u..
pati g..
S-plzz.yar..shivay not such words..
.dont loose ur patience oky..
so here it is..

Shivika looking at each other lovingly….they were standing on a beach in the middle of the circle( made by many ppl)… ppl surrounding were hooting for them..shivika came more closer to eo nd ws abt to kiss eo….bt anika turns nd wss abt to move while shivay held her wrist nd pulled her back towards him such tat her back crushed his chest.. he wrapped his arms around her waist nd she kept her hands onhis… nd shivay kissed her shoulders sensously…… bt
That was jst a movie nd they were sitting in the theatre nd was imagining themselves inside the movie…( hehe…naughty minds..😜)…. they looked towards eo wid nd ws smiling at their imaginations….Ok ok…aftr the movie.., they went to various places like beach, shopping nd many more…bt atlast they came back to their hotel room…shivay went down for placing order for dinner…nd tw to washroom…Wen shivay enters the room..he was shockednd surprised to see the room decoratedly….wid candles, flowers nd all…Nd was even more shocked to see his love…shewas wearing a black short night dress wid deep back cut nd was looking extra hot nd s*xy……shivay jst forget to catch her breath seeing her….nd his heart was pumping fast nd causes a adrenaline rush in his body….she was feeling shy on feeling his gaze on her…her heart was ready to come out of ribcage at any moment…shivay started moving towards her widout blinking his eyes nd now he was standing infront of her…jst a few inches apart…on seeing her from near…he wss wondering tat how can anyone look soo beautiful….They were lost in eo eyes…nd was showing their love, passion nd desire for eachother…..Then shivay held her from her waist nd kissedher forhead nd she closed her eyes feeling his touch….then he kissed her cheeks, chin,nose, eyes….nd finally he leaned towards her lips….wid in no tym he captured her lips in his..nd started kissing her.. she also responded wid equal passion….his hands was caressing her bare back nd waist…nd her one hand was roaming in his hair nd second ws clutching his shirt for support… shivay bitted her lower lip so due to pain she held his r shirt more tightly resulting in breaking of his shirts upper button bt still it didnt effect them…they keep on sucking, bitting eo lips nd was playing wid their tongues….Finally which was a difficult task…they broke their kiss fr some air…shivay picks her up in bridal style nd made her lye on the bed nd he came on the top of her nd dug himself in her neck….nd started kissing md bitting her…He removed her clothes nd stared the perfect figure of her wife for smetym…she felt shy nd her hands reached for blanket bt before tat he held her hand…nd kissed thm… thn he removed his clothes….nd again came on top of her…he kissed nd caressed evryinch of her body….nd she was busy in moaning in pleasure making shivay wild….Then he kissed her feet nd legs belly..nd again reached to her lips nd pressed them hard against his…nd while kissing he entered in her….due to sudden pain tw bit his lip hardly which causes blood to cme out of his lips bt instead of relising her….hemade it more hard for her….as a revenge….Thy made love for abt an hour nd then became tired nd dozes off…so the two love birds became one in the presence of moon nd stars…..their souls met much before nd now finally they completed eo….tw had love bites all over and shivay jalli had made many scrates over on him…
and now the beast was happy with his beauty..
so the story title is entitled as BEAST AND HIS BEAUTY…


so how was it.

any way guys..
sorry ending this ff here..
that i ll not end but always few things cm to did it
so how the surprise..han?

want an epilogue?
for the ff?
then u guys need to cmmnt more
atlest 15+ cmmnts..
if i get 15+ cmmnts i ll give u guys an epilogue for it..
it end here..
it was nice being with u for these two days…
do tell me if u like my stories i ll cm back with another if u guys like it..


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