Beast (episode-1)


Guys hi hope you will like it.This is an Vampire and human love story.And remember this is an Indian love story and the hero is Indian because his name would not Hindu.

Robin D’cruz-He is an Vampire who doesn’t cares about anyone not even his family.He is hero of the ff

Urvashi Dobriyal-She is a sweet and caring girl who loves her father.

Ramen D’cruz-He is Robin’s brother.He is also a Vampire.

Ronnie D’cruz-He is Ramen and Robin’s brother and he is also a Vampire.

David D’cruz-He is Robin,Ramen, and Ronnie’s father and he is a Vampire.

Lisa D’cruz-She is Robin,Ramen and Ronnie’s mother and is a Vampire.

Utkarsh Dobriyal-He is Urvashi’s brother and loves her a lot.

Vinay Dobriyal-He is Utkarsh and Urvashi’s father.

Vinita Dobriyal-She is Utkarsh and Urvashi’s mother.

A red and black coloured house is shown.A boy is seen sitting.He is Robin.

A boy calls him.


Robin stands from his place

Robin:Yes tell Ramen

Ramen:You have to join our business.

Robin:I am not interested

Ramen:I am not asking you I am saying you.

Saying this Ramen leaves from there.

Robin goes out of his house.He sees someone is getting shifted in beside his bungalow.He is going when a duppata falls on his face.A girl comes there running.

Girl takes her duppata

Gurl:I am really sorry.By the way you are my new neighbour?

Robin nods in yes.

Girl:My name is Urvashi Dobriyal

Robin:And my name is Robin D’cruz

Urvashi:Hope that meet you soon Urvashi goes from there.Robin thinks

Robin:What a stupid girl.He goes to forest.

Precap:Robin to come at Urvashi’s house to return her locket.

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  1. Awsm . And when you’re going to upload Vampire love story and Can love happen next part .
    just waiting for it .

    1. Siddhi

      After 30.September

  2. Siddhi

    Dint understood you dear?

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