The Beast and his ….. Epi 1


Caution –
i did too much of bak bak..
bare it..if u want to read the story..
and dont u guys dare to scroll directly to story…
now u all want to know like who the hell is this writer that shes ordering u guys..?
sabra guys sabra..naam ki b koi cheez hoti hai..
achha oky..
dont becm soo hyper..


Hai guys how are u all..

now as we know that sid z leving the show..
well its not at all a good news for me and obvio for sid fans too..
when ever i ll write the name “kunj” in my ff it ll remind me of him..
so at first i taught to end my ffs..or lev them in between…
but neva mind..
if all will say so then how can sidmin jodi be ethernal…?
hai na..
so i ll continue my ff..
but plz make sure who ever ll be the next kunj in tei..
but in my all FF’s it ll always be sid..
any way i ll stop watching it from the day he ll not be shown..
but still he ll be my kunj foreva..

so all my ff dedicated to sidhant gupta as Kunj and jas as Twinkle…

and yeah who evr leving tei..
after sids exit..
plz dont lev reading ff..if u dont cmmnt its oky..but do read..

i think i did too much of bak bak.. i think u all are eager to read the story by me…i.e CRAZY…

Now say me how many guessed that its me ?
han han han…i ment at the first sentence itself….
how manny got angry at that first para?
be truth full han…
silent readers becm voilent only for today..
well i m n mumbai now…and i m here since 2 days..
well i was free and a story stuck my mind..
so taught to write it..
but ll continue if u ll like it..
and yeah a good news…my bro allowed me to contuning FF..
but hes so shana na..i tell u guys..
he cery well know that i ll be fully buzy..i.e from morning 6 to 8 night..
so he just said me if at all time permits u..
u can write…
dont worry han guys…
i ll post the FF on alternate days..and if possible daily..


so first let me introduce u guys to the story title..its THE BEAST AND HIS…..

now u guys ll think whats this half title..
s guys thats what i always do suspence..
it ll be always declared at last
the story entitle around the beast and his… “question mark”

dont worry..appne chote si dimak par zor dalna band karo and concentrate on the story..
but before that let me give u few cations…

caution no 1 – kunjs character is very worst in this..
(i m too his huge fan..but u know me na guys i always give u happiness n last so trust me..)

caution no 2 – the story to be only read by adults…
as i cant asure u what may happen next..

caution no 3 – promise me u ll enjoy it..

caution no 4 – trust me!
bcz its only thing u can do…


so shall we proceed to the story..
or u want still of my bak bak?
no na?
then read further who from the god stopped u?

saw story title ke liye itne bak bak…uffff


now let me intro u to the characters of the FF

The beast i.e the role is played by sidhant gupta..
sid will potray as KUnj..he is the villan guys..and also our hero

the next lead is Twinkle…played by jas..

now lets go and see more about them…

Omi is litle brother of twinkle…who loves her like anyting…
mahi is the sister of omi and twinkle…
leela is their mother..and rt their dad..she has dadi and dadu too..
(nameless character in my ff..hehehe!)

kunj has a sister amya…
mom usha
dad manihar left them long back…
kunj is such a guy whom all adore..
not for his goodness but for his anger..
all hates him a lot..
but dil hai ki manta nahi after all hes son of their and a family member so they are just too scared of him..
but all trust their decision…

kunj is against his sister’s studies…
after 12 he stoped her studies…and shes home jailed hirl..
kunj has 3 oldies more in his home…
his nani his dadi and his bade nani…
he also has a bro mohit…
who is in studying eng…

so how was the intro to all..!
sab kucj dek liya aur sun liya ho tho shall we proceed?
accha achha i know i m irritating u guys..
now lets start the story…
more characters too in it..
but ll intro u guys to them as and how the story ll indulge..



A guy is shown sitting on the leaning chair..
with his eyes closed…
suddenly he hears a knock at the door…
he says “get in”(still closing his eyes)

and swinging…to and fro in the chair…

a sobbing voice comes to his ears…
he open his eyes..
and rrols his eye balls..
just to see from his side site..
who was that..”kya huva…?”

he doesnot get thhe reply…
it makes him hell angry..
he gets up from chair…
and throws a water glass…
making sound…
“dont u know i dont like this silence specially when i ask question…
n u na?when kunj sarna speaks all stay nummm…
but when he says to answer u must…”

s hes our kunj….

amya-(his sis)- vo bhai i got 99.3% as result…


A-s…so i can continue ri8?

K-i think u din hear me ri8 that day..
i said 100 ..n u got 99.3
even if i round it wont become 1000 infact it ll stop to 99…
so stop studies..
and u know na ur home jailed…

A-bhai but…

kunj pins her to walll..
and says
K-so..u ll back answer me…?

A-bhai its paining…

kunj levs her and she sits crying their…

some one..keeps hands on her sholders…
she turns and hugs the guy..
mohit bhai..
i want to study…

M-i had said be strong and answer him as i do..but u stay silent..
and always bear him..
so he overpowers u..
not only u..but all members of our family…
dont know till when ll it continue…
it all coz of that characterless person..that bhai became such a beast…
u dont worry..
u say me…what u want to study further?
A-(gives him a questioning look)
M-what?cnt a bro do that much to her sister..?
u ll study…but in home…
u ll do it external..
now u just chilll!
my frnds sister ll help u…
i know u dreamed to becm a writer..
so i m here na..!

A-but bhai all clgs..ask for donations?and fee…and from were from hell ll u arange it..
M-are u insane…?
u r topper for the state…all are back of join their clg…
chk ur cell..!
they are ready to take u for freee…
so cool down..
i said u abut my frnd na..?uski sis…ll hire u..
now chill!
and commn smile!
A-i love u mohit bhai..(to herself-u too kunj bhai…
i know papa made u human to beast but i m sure if their was some one..who made u beast then their ll be one who ll transform back u to human)


a girl comes to a office..
and sees the name plate.. “OM Co”
uff babaji ajj bacha lena….
she enters a cabin..
a girl is shown who is doing something in her laptop
and sences someone and smiles…
and shuts it..
and says
“so u came”
M-s twinkle ddiiii…
T-bata whats ur result…
M-plzz..dii dont shout..
u know na i lov to write books..and already at such small age i have published 2 books…
i just want a degreee…
so that my fans dont think me anpad gavar..and bla bla…
so i doing it…
T-y so less marks..?
M-vo i was…
M-aree yyar dii challo na..
i taught i ll fail..
but c i got 60%
u shd be happy…
and distribute gifts to all..
and u….

and by the way tomoo is award ceremony na..?
cm lets shop…
u r changing topic so that i dont scold u?
M-when u know y are u doing so?
both laugh…and hug..
just them omi…
and say..
how mean..
mera hug kaha hai..
aja beta ajjaaa..
twinkle says..
and all hug themm…


what ll happen when such two persons meet… ?


now say me hows this..?
did u like…?
throw the cmmnts…


to contact me- crazyme1697 [at] gmail [dot] com


Credit to: crazy

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    1. Don’t worry shreya u can read it..
      Btwn I din get u sorry for that

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