Beacon of Hope (Udaan-Sukor OS)

Greetings dear friends,

I am new fan of this show, and I am in absolute in love with the Sukor chemistry. So, after watching the last night’s emotional epi, i could not stop myself from writing a Sukor OS.
I hope you would like it and please leave feedback.



The lights have been turned off in the foyer. Suraj stood, with his hands hung and tied to the post and his head bent down in a submission.

His whole body and mind ached from the exhaustion of the day, from the betrayal of Chiku to dragging back to this same mansion from where he hoped to be farway.

… As he raised head, his eyes caught the sight of the sleeping figure in front of him. Chakor had fought her sleep whole night trying to protect Suraj, but at the end the slumber had overcame her beautiful onyx almond-shaped eyes.

Suraj smiled and felt this intense urge to be by her side… he thought luck, something that has always been his enemy, did not fail to prove itself again today. A light from the nearby hallway creeped into the foyer and gave out a luminous bluish glow over her silky hair, her sleeping eyes and her crouched position. Though her eyes were shut, he could still see the crusted dried tears on her cheeks.

How desperately he wanted to held her in his arms and tell her everything would be just alright…but who was he kidding, nothing can be changed now. This is his ultimate punishment for all the enumerable crimes he had committed… Suraj thought, why can’t a criminal, like himself be in love and hope for a happily ever after like the rest?

Beads of tears started to flow as he realized this is the last time he will be in the same room as her. He contemplated whether to tell her before his death sentence in the morning, that he loves her dearly with all his heart…but he thought No, he should take it to his grave…She deserve better not a goon like him. She is already in so much pain for not being able to save him from his fate, and if she learns about how much he loves her…it will be even harder for her to recover from the grief of losing him once he was gone. Thus suraj, with his heavy heart decided to not to confess his love.

The first rays of golden-yellow shimmering light of the daybreak from outside entered the foyer…Suraj thought, never again will he be able to experience the beauty of the morning sun. He drew a deep breaths and stared at the sleeping figure. He wished to live so he could experience the sunset and sunrise by her side. He desperately wished for a miracle, and looked up to the heavens and prayed… if not in this life, please unite us in next life…as I accept my fate.

Ragini with her goons walked into the room and asked them to take him to the car. Suraj had no hatred left in him, he was a broken man.

Like a fallen tiger, without any hope, he gazed at Chakor for one last time. He did not wanted to wake her from her peaceful slumber…he wanted to save this last image of her beautiful face deep in the sulci and gyri of his brain… so when he would be taken to the gallows, at the approach of death, he would be able to shut his eyes and rest of the world, so he could only see this peaceful sleeping image of his love, Chakor…

Just he was about to dragged into the car, the chiming of the ball and chain that was attached to Suraj, awakened chakor. She opened her eyes and fearing for Suraj’s safety, she instantaneously jumped up and ran to Suraj to stop Ragini and her men from taking him outside. She wrapped her arms around him in a sheltering embrace.

In her embrace the world stopped still on its axis. There was no time, no wind, and no fear. Suraj’s mind was at peace. Suraj felt waves of contentment in his heart for being able to hold her in his arms one last time…though it lasted momentarily as Chakor was pulled away from him and he was shoved into the van.

Suraj did not fear death anymore, but he felt the pain of being distant from Chakor.

Chakor, a tigress shouted as she tried to fight off the goon’s grip, “Don’t be scared, Suraj… I am with you, nothing will happen to you. I will save you”

Chakor ran to van, and held on to the car window… Chakor believed life is a marathon race. All her life she ran for freedom of her people, but today she was running for the freedom of her husband. Tears flooded down her eyes…as she frantically ran, her body became numb from the endorphins and adrenalin that was kicking in…She thought: being brave for me was always a conscious choice, I am not a fearless person by nature, quite the contrary, but will not give up because I have fear, I have courage…’

Though, she felt no pain in her muscle fibers, no amount of endorphins and adrenalin can take away the pain in her heart caused by the threat of losing Suraj.

Car suddenly came to a stop…Suraj desperately wanting to touch her palms as she supported herself on the window, panting.

Suraj sat in the car, pleaded trying to put on a brave face “Please Chakor please stop running for me… I can not bear to see you in any more pain…I have accepted it my fate. This is my redemption for the crimes that I have committed. Please, don’t be worried… you have to live. You have to live for the dream of freedom of the people of Azadganj. You are their beacon of hope…!”

Chakor shouted back “I Chakor, have fought against the monstrous tyrant, Kamal Naryan, for many years. I have never given up for the people of Azadganj and today I will not give up on you! If I am the beacon of their hope, then your are my beacon of hope!”

Suraj felt strangled by the pain he felt, he felt something squeezing his heart to the point it would stop beating. He wanted to pull her into his arms and tell her how much he loves her, for her courage, for her kindness, for her beauty, and for simply being herself.

Chakor was pushed side by the goon—blood rushed through Suraj veins for not being able to protect her, how dare he touched her with his filthy hands! Once suraj was dragged out of the car and tied to the truck of the tree… Chakor was let go by the goon…like a wounded warrior she ran and embraced him again in the shelter of her arms.

Chakor pulled onto his t-shirt, she needed to held on to him to protect him, how can they think to hurt him when she was alive. No way, Chakor told herself. I will never let a scratch come to him.

Suraj continued to plead “let me face death… please go away and let it be…I have no fear today, but promise me you would take care of yourself? You always put others before yourself, but for my sake please do look after yourself.”

Chakor sobbed. Her mind was going blank, her heart was quivering and her face mirrored the desperation to save her suraj. Without giving much of thoughts, She grabbed a knife from the goon who was standing next to her. Like an beaten tigress, holding to the last straw of her might, she waved the knife and threatened Kamal Narayan to back away. If he want to harm her husband, Suraj, he will have to harm her first.

Suraj for the first time felt fear, not for himself but for Chakor. In that instant his face became greyed, with lips slightly parted and his eyes were as wide as they could stretch. He cannot bare to watch her get hurt.

He pleaded again and again for Chakor to move away; and Chakor’s reply was the same as before “I will never let anything happen to you. I will fight till my last breath! I will never give up on you!”

Like the broken levee, waves of tears overflowed out of his eyes and rolled down to his face, for he never thought that his worthless life could mean so much more to someone.

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  1. I had already read it seriously your os made me cry once again a very pain ful n emotional os

    what’s your real name???

    1. Aqua

      Aww sorry for making u cry…..

      Sukor made me cry last night… such an emotional tract.

  2. nice work?.

    1. Aqua


  3. How emotional was this well done aqua

    1. Aqua

      Thanks. ?

  4. Superb… U made me cry,keep writing Os

    1. Aqua

      Thanks for liking it?

  5. Super?

    1. Aqua


  6. ShinyGeorge

    Superb nice
    Loving it

  7. wow..keep it up!!! really nice

  8. superb!! hope u would write some more fan fictons..

    1. Aqua

      Thanks. ? I will try to continue sukor ff. I am writing shivika ishqbaaz as well. If you want you can read it. It’s her rise and his fall

  9. Superb , nicely written.

    1. Aqua

      Thanks ?

  10. It was awesome the way u hv expressed their feelings its wonderful ☺?

    1. Aqua

      Thanks I tried to express the emotions they showed in the show…I was impressed by both the actress and the actor playing sukor….so I was inspired to write this os

  11. I’m a silent reader of udaan but ur os was mind blowing the words u used to express their emotions was superb????continue ur writing

    1. Aqua

      Thanks. I will try to write some more sukor os. ?

  12. Dinithi perera

    Finally another sukor ff waited so long for a ff and ya its very interesting the way it started off the wordening used in the ff very well written. Thanks hope u continue.

    1. Aqua

      Thanks. Sukor are very nice characters I tried my best to keep them true to the show.

      I will try to write more sukor os as I am in absolute in love with their chemistry.

  13. Superb! You made me cry. Please write more Os and ff because nowadays there are no Os and Ff of sukor. Great job.

    1. Aqua

      Thanks… I am glad you liked it. Yup, I will try to write more sukor os?

  14. Nice one aqua??
    Keep writing

    1. Aqua

      Thanks dear.
      I have submitted a second sukor is called Roar of an wounded tiger…?

      Please do check it out once it’s uploaded.

  15. nice work dear.. keep it up

    1. Aqua

      Thanks ? please read my new sukor os Roar of an wounded tiger.?

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