BD – Together Forever, Chapter 9 *ignorance hurts*

Its morning, Meher wakes up slowly and again her thoughts were occupied by Abeer.

Meher: What is it? Why is he there in my thoughts from yesterday?

She shrugged and went to freshen up, she decided to talk to Abeer. She picks up her phone and starts dialing his number, Abeer
doesn’t picks up the call as he is asleep. She continues calling him and he finally picks up without seeing the caller ID.

Abeer: Meenu, I told u I will come, its just 8:00 am right now, u told to come at 9:30 at the same place, there’s so much time left so let me sleep, bye

He said it in one go and without waiting for response he disconnected the call leaving behind an irritated Meher.

Meher: Meenu? Meenu my foot, but he doesn’t calls me Meenu he calls me Meher only, why suddenly Meenu? He must be sleepy so he said like that, but I didn’t told him to meet? wait a second, that girl in ice cream shop…but what happen to me? he should go where he want to, y do I care?

She was having a feeling in her heart, she didn’t knew if it was anger or jealousy.

Meher: I should c why r they meeting.

She makes a naughty face and decides to go where Abeer is going. Abeer wakes up at 9:00
and after having breakfast and goes to the same ice cream shop where he saw Meher with Dhruv. Then Meher too comes there in disguise hiding her face and sits on the table
beside them.

Abeer is sitting there waiting for Meenakshi and she reaches there and AbShi shares a hug. Meher thinks “Something is cooking.
Abeer: so Meenu, how to get to know if she loves me or not?

Meher thinks, “Who she? Is he talking about me?”

Meenakshi: Try proposing her face to face then u will get to know, only this is the way, u won’t get to know her reaction on whatsapp.

Meher looks on cluelessly.

Abeer: But she said she wants time.
Meher (thinks) is he talking about me, he proposed me on whtsapp, n this reply was also mine.

She gets more curious

Meenakshi: U both are friends right? Till she is ready u remain friends only, then when she is ready, take a step forward from friendship to love.
Abeer: hmm, tell me one thing, I told u we will meet here right? so why u called me at 8 in the morning?

Meehakshi: no I didn’t call u

Abeer: if u didn’t call then who called?

He picks his phone and checks his call log. He sees it was Meher’s call.

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