BD – Together Forever, Chapter 8 *is this love?*

Meher tries to sleep Abeer`s smiling face reflects in front of her eyes. She opens her eyes and thinks “0h God, when I m closing my eyes why m I seeing his face? |s this love? no no, | m not mad to fall in love again, how will I love again, its just that m missing him nothing else” She brushes off her thoughts and sleeps. On the other hand, Abeer
is lying on his bed, he gets thoughts about Meher, unknowingly a smile appears on his face, but then he recalls Dhruv hugging her, his
smile disappears. His mind shouts “Don`t keep ur hopes high, she doesn`t loves u” .Then his heart shouts “time will tell who loves and who doesn’t”

mind: shut up stupid heart.

Abeer is trapped between the battle of his mind and heart , sleep is far away from his eyes. He comes out
of his room and sees his Dad sitting

Dad: what happen? Not getting sleep? is it that u have love fever?

He said teasingly and laughs while
Abeer glares at him.

Dad: sorry, u tell urself what happened

Abeer tells about Meher and how he
feels about her, and his jealousy.

Abeer: what should I do that I get to know if she loves me or not, what to do to get her?

Dad: ignore her, she will come running to u

Abeer: if she doesn’t comes then?

Dad: we’ll see, right now u sleep its mid night

Abeer: Good night, love u Dad

Dad: love u 2

I will start giving two updates but from tomorrow

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