BD – Together Forever, Chapter 7 *so much jealousy*

Abeer goes from Meher`s table burning in jealousy and Meher winks at Dhruv.

Meher: plan successful

Dhruv: do u love him?

Meher: Don’t know, but I can’t love so soon because I have lost trust in love, for now he’s just a good friend.

Dhruv: hmm, OK bye honey

They hugged each other ahd Dhruv
intentionally called her honey as Abeer was still watching them.

Abeer gets angry.

Abeer to himself: Who is he to call my Meher honey, but why m I getting jealous? Right now she’s just a friend.
His heart shouts frnd my foot, u love her

His mind replies frnd

Head: love

Mind: frnd

Heart: love love love

Mind: friend friend friend

His heart and mind were having a battle but he was confused. Meher went from there with Dhruv.

Abeer: bye Meenu (meenakshi)

Meenakshi: bye

They too went from there

Later that day, Meher misses Abeer badly and recalls his care for her, how he didn’t resist when she wrapped her arms around him but
he let her do whatever she wanted(chapter 5),
how he supported her in her difficult time, she decides to msg him on whtsapp and sees him online.
Meher: hi
Abeer: go enjoy with ur boy.
M: Abeer!
A: m angry on u
M: y?
A: don’t know
M: No reason?
A: I got jealous when I saw u with that boy.
M: Someone is in love ?
A: yes m in luv with u
M: but I can’t believe in love again, u know that.
A: I will wait for u forever.
M: I don’t know if I’ll ever be in love again
A: I understand, ok v r just friends ?, I won’t force u till u r ready, I want to ask u something?
M: say?

A: Who was that boy? is he really ur bf? u told me
M: bf=best friend
A: oh
Abeer is super happy, he picks up his guitar and plays it really loud. His mom enters:
Mom: what happened?
Abeer: m very happy
he stands up and starts spinning her and tells her everything, she knew he has always loved her. She smiles, its night, Meher closes her eyes to sleep, Abeer’s smiling face appears in front of her eyes.

Guys tell should I give u two updates daily or combine two chapters together?

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