BD – Together Forever, Chapter 6 *No True Love Without Jealousy*

Next day Abeer n Meher wake up with a happy mood and are eager to tell their best friends about what happened yesterday, Meher calls her friend ahd asks him to meet
her in ice cream shop and gets ready to meet him. Abeer calls his friend in the same shop n he
too gets ready to meet her, Meher leaves after having breakfast and is eager to meet her friend (they haven’t met since long time coz of
country shift) ahd abeer also teaves to meet his friend and they both also haven’t met for long. They reach the shop n r standing next to
each other but doesn’t c each other and abeer finds a tabte for himself n sits and Meher finds a place to sit few tables away from abeer.
They both wait for their friends and so after some time their friends arrive and Meher seeing Dhruv(her friend) smiles ahd shakes
hands with him and gives him a light hug and sits, orders ice cream and Meher tells him everything smiling, Dhruv praises her

and says wow ur lucky, u lost one and gained another gud frnd immediately hmm lucky girl.
Meher blushes ahd smiles shying, Abeer also tells Meenakshi (his frnd) about Meher and she gets happy for him ahd shows thumbs up to him n Abeer winks to her, so Meher talks to Dhruv for sumtym n abeer to Meenakshi but suddenly Meher and abeer c each other n r
shocked, abeer shocked to c Meher with Dhruv and Meher to c him with Meenakshi, Dhruv and Meenakshi notice this, Dhruv asks Meher
“is he abeer?”, she says yes and gets jealous,
Meenakshi asks Abeer that is she Meher, he too replies yes with a jealous look, Meenakshi
says “who is this boy with her, she is talking n laughing, bf hai?” Abeer says”don’t know” ahd
goes to her table and says hi Meher and asks whose dis, she winks to Dhruv n says he is my bf, Abeer says oh u were fmds first ri8?

says yes and says frndshp turns into love,
Abeer gets more jealous he says not every frndshp n goes.

I hope this update is long enough for u guys

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