BD – Together Forever, Chapter 4 n 5 combined, glimpse of happiness and cute friendship.

er says people cum n go, but u know what? Friends are here for life, Meher smiles n wipes her tears n he too smiles seeing her smile. They shake hands. She thanks him for
his support. He says mo problem v r frnds. They sit sumwhere n talk for hours. Finally it was timne for her to return to her house. They say bye to each other and she happily leaves.
Abeer smiles and jumps in joy. He goes to his house and sleeps. Meher is driving to her house and says to herself, “he is the friend who
will stand up for me” and smiles seeing a glimpse of happiness. She parks the car near her house and sees her mother waiting for her n peeping outside the window. She goes in and talks to her n shares everything, they have a hug and cry happily. She goes to sleep and
her mom prays to God that she stays happy always.

Next day Meher n abeer hang out in a coffee shop and are smiling at each other. They pay the
bill n walks out holding hands. He says that v don`t have car today let`s walk. She agrees and they walk together, suddenly a car cums n
is about to hit them n they both pull each other n fall. Meher sits h sees him unconscious, she wakes him up, he acts and doesn’t wakes up. He opens his eyes n acts again of memory loss, he asks where is my
mom, she says she will come n he asks who r u where is mum she says m meher, he acts n sumtym later laughs n reveals he is OK, she
playfully punches her n they both laugh n walk home.

They both talk a lot and both of them feet really gud to have each other’s company, Meher says to
him “Do u know how worried I was when u didn’t woke up n acted of memory loss plz don’t do it again” He says ok | won’t do n
they smile.

After sum tym they get tired of walking and sits on a bench. It was evening, it seemed like it was about to rain. Meher starts feeling cold n
sits closer to him n rests her head on his shoulder. He looks at her and asks what happened? She replies m getting cold.He takes off his jacket and says , ” here, have my
jacket” She thanks him and wears it, she puts
her arms around him and again rests her head on his shoulder and says sorry | m still cold, he says
no problem, v rfrnds. It starts raining n she worries
that how will she go home.. He says no worries ur house ts nearby v will take auto and go, she agrees and they stop an auto and sits in it, the auto leaves.

In auto they both enjoy the rain, she splashes water on his face n laughs, his jaw drops open n he too splashes water on her face, they have a water fight n they laugh. They reach home n she starts taking off the jacket but he says
keep it return later she says oK n waves goodbye to him h smiles, he too waves back n so he leaves in the auto after she goes to her
house, he thinks of her n smiles n also laughs on the funny things. On the other side she also does the same, she shares everything
with her mom n they hug each other happily n her mom blesses her.

Meher goes to her room n freshen up n smiles n hugs his jacket. He calls her n she smiles, they talk for long n sleep thinking about each

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