BD – Together Forever, Chapter 34

Meher says in heart, “sorry Abeer, I don’t want this child, so I will have to abort it without telling u, sorry for hiding.”
He makes her eat and sleeps on the bed.
Meher says in heart, ” bas ek baar gehri neend mein sojao, phir main aaram se hospital ja kr abortion ka appointment lelungi or kralungi.”
She waits for him to sleep. When he finally drifts into sleep, she gets up from the bed and slowly tiptoes towards the door making sure he doesn’t wakes up, she reaches the door and slowly opens it and goes out of the room towards the exit of the hotel. She hires an auto and leaves for hospital.

It was on a short distance so she reached soon, she pays the auto driver and goes inside the hospital towards the reception asking for pregnancy doctor. The receptionist tells her the directions to the cabin of the doctor and she goes there and waits outside it. Her turn comes after sometime and she goes inside in the cabin.
Doctor: Meher, aap?
Meher: ji, vo abortion ka appointment Lena tha.
Doctor: give me a second, want to make a necessary call.
Meher nods and he goes in a side and calls Abeer. He picks up on 3rd ring.
Abeer: hallo
Doctor: ji vo aapki wife aai hai abortion k appointment k liye.
Abeer: what? I m coming, don’t let her go.
Call disconnects.
Abeer: she takes me so easy, I will show her how difficult I m.
He leaves from the hotel room towards the exit and hires a cab. He leaves for hospital. After sometime, the cab stops outside the hospital and he gets down the cab and goes inside the hospital towards the cabin.
He opens the door of the cabin.
Abeer: Meher!
He shouts angrily making her startle. She gulps her saliva. He approaches her and holds her arm harshly turning her towards him making her stand.
Abeer: I told u not even think about it right?now u will face the consequences.

He drags her out of the cabin while she tries to free her hand but his grip was way too tight. They go out of the hospital and he makes her sit on the backseat and sits on the front seat. The whole journey was quiet. She was scared as he never talked to her like this before. They reach and Abeer comes out of the cab and opens the back door pulling her out of the cab. He pays the driver and goes to their room and he locks the door.
Meher: Abeer I m…
He doesn’t let’s her say and pins her to the door.
Abeer: agar main nahi ata to yeh bachay ki zindagi dao pe lagjati or mujhe pata bhi nahi chalta, what do u think of yourself han? K tum humare bachay ko kuchh bhi krogi or main tumhay karne dunga? Bas apne baare mein socha tumne k tumhe ye bacha nahi chahye so I will abort it, mere baare mein ek baar bhi nhi socha k main kaisa feel krunga.
Meher gets teary eyed, she hugs him and apologizes.
Meher: Abeer I m sorry, I won’t do anything to our child, galti hogai, maaf krdo na.

She cries hugging him.
Abeer: not so easily.
He breaks the hug and goes out of the room locking it. She bangs the door.
Meher: Abeer kholo mujhe, m sorry, I got mistaken, I realized. I won’t think that now. Plz kholdo mujhe. Plz don’t lock me
She cries and slides down the door till she reaches the floor.
Meher: kholo mujhe…m pregnant, I will get unwell, plz kholo mujhe Abeer.
She angrily throws the things present in the room. He feels pity for her.
Abeer: sorry Meher, its necessary.
He says slowly.
Meher: kholo mujhe Abeer, m feeling suffocated, agar tumne mujhe nh khola, to main suicide krlungi samjhay tum! Main bhi dekhti hoon tum kab tak mujhe lock kr k rakhte ho.
He is shocked. He opens the door quickly and sees her crying in a corner. He goes to her making her stand.
Meher: Abeer I m sorry, I won’t abort this child, plz forgive me.
Abeer: (wiping her tears) OK OK don’t cry, u r pregnant, u will get unwell
Meher: Abeer, I want this child
Abeer: kya? R u serious?
Meher: han I m serious., I want this child.
Abeer: yayyy
He twirls her and picks her up.

Sorry to inform u, in this story, the upcoming chapters are emotional, Rona ho to ro Lena ?
See u later guys. Cover photo will be according to chapters of this story.

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