BD – Together Forever, Chapter 33

Meher: I will make my mind Abeer, I can’t snatch your happiness.
She hugs him but now he was afraid to see her pain but he was somewhat happy that she can do anything for his happiness. Madhvi (Abeer’s mom) calls Meher and she breaks the hug and goes downstairs.
Meher: han Maa
Madhvi: how did you fainted yesterday?
Meher: Because I m pregnant, I didn’t wanted this child and Abeer and I fought so that’s why it happened.
Madhvi: Now you want it?
Meher: yes I want it, I can’t snatch Abeer’s happiness.
Madhvi: don’t u think u r too young to have a child?
Meher: but Maa I can’t make Abeer unhappy.
Madhvi: think about it, I m not wrong.

She goes leaving Meher in deep thoughts, she goes to her room and slips but Abeer holds her on time.
Abeer: where are you lost?
Meher: nothing
Meher sits on the bed
Just then Abeer’s mom enters their room.
Madhvi: Abeer I want to talk to u both, don’t mind but don’t u think Meher is too young to have a child?
Abeer looks at Meher thinking she complained to his mom.
Abeer: sometime before u said that u want this child, what happened suddenly that u complained to my mom?
Meher: I didn’t
Madhvi: yes she didn’t, it’s my opinion that this is not the right time.
Abeer: Mom jab Meher ko problem nahi hai to aapko kia problem hai?
Meher: why r u getting hyper Abeer? She’s right.
Abeer: fine do what u want, m taking Meher from here
Meher: where will we go?
Abeer: anywhere but we won’t stay here.
She slaps her forehead as he hurriedly packs their bags.
Meher: Abeer plz don’t take me from here.

He finishes packing their bag.
Abeer: aao
He holds his hand and takes her from there while she looks back at his mom hoping she will stop him but she helplessly looks on. They come out of the house and sits in the car.
Meher: Abeer plz listen to me I don’t want to go.
He doesn’t answers her and drives the car. She turns her face away from him annoyingly. After a long silent drive they stop outside a hotel. He takes her out of the car with the luggage.
Meher: Abeer chhoro na mujhe nahi ana plz ghar chalo na
Abeer: I can’t bear anyone telling u to abort our child and yes, even u don’t have the right to abort it.
They go inside the hotel and she cries while going inside. He does all formalities and they go to their room. She frees her hand from his tight grip and sits on the bed.
Abeer: will u eat something?
Meher: nh, mujhe bhook nh hai
Abeer: u r pregnant and u should eat on time.
Meher: nh its OK, mere hisse ka bhi tum he khalo, I don’t want to eat.
Abeer: why
Meher: because I don’t want to, and yes its my child too so there should be my wish also if I want to keep it or not, I don’t want it n that’s final, I will abort this child
Abeer: no if u do so I won’t take a minute to kill u sweetheart
Meher: OK as u say
Meher in her mind: sorry Abeer, I don’t want this child so I will abort it without telling u.

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