BD – Together Forever, Chapter 32

Abeer comes and taps on her shoulder, she turns around tensely.
Abeer: what did u say? U will abort this baby?
Meher: Abeer vo (she is cut in between)
Abeer: sahi suna na main ne?
Meher: I also want this child but…(again he cuts her in between)
Abeer: if u want it then why are u saying about abortion?
Meher: Maine kuchh nh…(he cuts her in middle getting frustrated)
Abeer: how did u even think about it ha?
Meher: plz listen…(he keeps cutting her in between)
Abeer: u listen, if u do anything to this baby, then I won’t forgive u
Meher: Abeer plz listen to me!
She says really loud holding her stomach and collapses. He holds her and gets worried. He picks her and places her on bed. He quickly calls a doctor asking him to come soon, call disconnects. He sits on the other end of bed and looks at her lovingly. Doctor comes and gives her a check up.
Doctor: She is disturbed by something, don’t let her take stress or shout, it can affect her health, also that she shouldn’t be physically hurt, the wounds on her face., feet and arms should be treated soon.

He prescribes some medicines and goes.
Abeer: sorry
He waits for her to wake up and holds her hand, she wakes up by his touch.
Abeer: Meher, r u OK?m sorry really sorry U say what were u saying? I won’t interrupt promise.
He cries and slowly pulls her in a hug, she too silently cries feeling guilty of her act. He breaks the hug and sees she is crying as well. He wipes her tears.
Abeer: arey to mat, it can affect ur health.
Meher: u tell me, u want this baby right?
Abeer: yes but not instead of u or ur health
Meher: if u care about me, then let me abort this child, we can have one later, I don’t want a baby right now.
Abeer: no, baby won’t go anywhere
Meher: go from here, I don’t want to talk to u, I will abort this child and that’s final.
Abeer tries to stay calm.

Abeer: no Meher, think about it, this baby is not just mine, its yours too
Meher: but we can have one later
Abeer closes his eyes not wanting to get angry on her, he takes a deep sigh and opens his eyes.
Abeer: don’t do anything u regret later, ek baar or sochlo Meher
Meher stays quiet knowing he’s right, and somewhere she too wanted this child, its just that she was afraid of all the pain she will have to face. She decides to share her fear with him.
Meher: I also want this child, but I m afraid of labor pain and all
Abeer: think about the happiness we’ll have, u won’t face any pain alone
Meher: I will make my mind Abeer, I can’t snatch ur happiness
They have a hug but now Abeer was afraid to see her pain.

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