BD – Together Forever, Chapter 31


Tunnu comes back from police station to hospital and hugs Meher.
Tunnu: how r u now?
Meher: better
Tunnu: di Maine us Rahul ki band bajadi, yun samjho k aaj uski zindagi ka sabse bura din tha, pta hai kese react kia usne? Marr gaya lutt gaya barbaad hogaya

Meher laughs, Abeer smiles seeing her laughing whole heartedly and kisses her forehead. She stops laughing and holds her face.
Abeer: is it hurting?
Meher: no I was thinking when will my face become fine.
Abeer: u r already beautiful, ye sab chhoro eat something.
He makes her eat.
Later that day, Meher feels like vomiting. She quickly removes the cannula from the back of her palm and runs to washroom.
Abeer: arey kia hua? Kahan jarahi ho?
He goes after her and sees her having nausea. She comes out and sits on the bed.
Abeer: what happen? R u OK?
Meher: yes m OK
Abeer calls doctor and after checking her up, he gives a news which comes as a shock for Meher.
Doctor: she’s pregnant.
Abeer: what?
He asks smilingly.
Doctor: u heard it right, she’s pregnant.
He leaves. Abeer sits by her side.
Abeer: aren’t u happy?
Meher: Abeer I don’t want this child.
Abeer: why?
Meher: we r too young.
Abeer: but I want this child Meher, and there r nine months left, kia pta us waqt tk tum bhi ready hojao
She is speechless.

Abeer: Meher, this child is a blessing, don’t neglect it
Meher: u take ur decisions, mera kya? Mera right kahan hai decide krne ka?
Abeer: No matter what u say, I won’t let anything happen to this baby.
Meher: there’s nothing wrong with a mother not wanting her unborn child, why dont u understand? we can have it later
Abeer: I don’t know, I won’t let this child get away from us, u better understand that.

She gets irritated and turns her face away from Abeer, her gaze shifts to the small mirror on the bedside table. She picks the mirror and looks at her scars in it.
Meher: They r still there on my face, my arms and feet still hurt, already so much pain is there, how to bear more pain?

She says in heart complaining to God.
Meher: I want to go home Abeer, I m tired of this hospital, ask doctor to make discharge papers ready.
Abeer: OK
He leaves and she silently cries recalling Abeer’s words. Abeer does all formalities and takes Meher from the hospital. The ward boy asks her to sit on the wheelchair, she refuses and runs from there annoyed. Abeer chases her and was about to sit on the driving seat but she pushes him and sits on the driving seat and escapes from there.
Abeer: kahin yeh ghusse mein kuchh kr na de
He takes a taxi and asks the driver to follow Maher’s car, Meher sees Abeer following her and changes the route, he misses her and punches the car door in frustration. Meher comes to her mother’s house and rings the doorbell. Suman opens the door.
Suman: tu yahan? Abeer nh aya tere sath?
Meher: Nam mat lo uska
She tells her everything.
Suman: beta jald baazi mein koi faisla mt lo
Meher: abb aap bhi uski side par ho? I m going, no one understands me.
She opens the door of the house and sees Abeer on the door.
Abeer: tum yahan ho? Kabse pagalo ki trha dhoond raha hoon tumhe main
She ignores him and goes from there to the car, she sits on the driving seat and was about to drive but he stops her, he opens the door and pulls her out of the car and closes the door pinning her to the car.

Abeer: what’s wrong with u Meher? U can’t ignore me like this
Meher: yes I can, just like u can stop me from taking my decisions, let me go.
He stops her.
Abeer: Meher plz don’t do this.
Meher: take me home
They sit in the car and drives off, whole journey was silent, when they reach, Meher goes straight to their room and talks to herself deciding to go to doctor without telling Abeer. He comes and taps on her shoulder. She turns around tensedly.

I hope u like it, sorry for being late.

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