BD – Together Forever, Chapter 30

Meher wakes up after unconsciousness and sees everyone standing around her.
Meher: what happened?
Abeer: how r u feeling now?
Meher: but what happened to me?
Abeer: u fainted due to panic attack.
Meher: Where is Tunnu?

Tunnu reaches the police station and bribes a policeman asking him to beat Rahul a lot.
Policeman: but why?
Tunnu: he did kidnapping of my sister, she is in an injured state, just do as I say
Policeman handovers the money back to him.
Policeman: nh humein tumhara paisa nh chahye, esa krne se humari naukri jasakti hai
Tunnu: nh jayegi, do my work or let me do it.
He again gives him money and the policeman goes to Rahul’s cell. He sees him sleeping and looks at Tunnu who shows him thumbs up.

Abeer: he will come later to meet u.
Just then he receives a call by Tunnu.
Tunnu: di hosh me agayi?
Abeer: han q?
Tunnu: put the phone on speaker and make her hear Rahul screaming..don’t ask anything just do it.
Abeer puts the phone on speaker.

The policeman wakes Rahul by slapping him tightly, he screams.
Abeer: listen to that monster’s screams, he enjoyed ur screams that day, now u enjoy.

The policeman beats Rahul a lot. Meher hears his screams, Rahul keeps screaming and falls on the floor. Policeman signs Tunnu that the work is done. Tunnu goes to his cell, Rahul eyes him. Tunnu laughs on his condition.
Tunnu: u deserve it.
He punches him on his stomach and slaps him.
Tunnu: bye…have fun.
He goes and thanks the policeman.

Meher: Tunnu, why did he go there?
Abeer: to teach him a lesson, don’t worry he’s fine.
Tunnu on call: dekha didi, main ne us se badla lelia, I won’t let him do this again.
Abeer: she’s missing u, wapis aja
Tunnu: m coming.

Call disconnects.
Abeer rises the bed and pulls her in a hug, she cries tears of happiness and smiles.

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