BD – Together Forever, Chapter 29


Meher: do I look ugly? will u leave me because of these wounds?
Abeer nods no and holds her hand between her palms.
Abeer: u r not ugly, u r beautiful and I m not mad to leave u for these wounds, what do u think I love just ur face? no I love everything about u I like u the way u r…don’t think like that, I won’t leave that Rahul, how dare he did this to u
Meher: just leave it, he will pay for his deeds, u don’t have to do anything.
All those moments starts revolving in front of her eyes, Abeer notices she is lost.
Abeer: Meher
She doesn’t says anything, he clicks his fingers in front of her eyes.
Abeer: Meher! what’s wrong with u?
She again doesn’t says anything.
Abeer: Meher say something
Meher shivers and gets a panic attack.
Abeer: Meher calm down he won’t come he’s gone.
He caresses her hair. She jerks her hand away.
Meher: plz don’t touch me, plz, door raho mujhse
Abeer: Meher its me.
He tries to calm her, she continues panicking and hugs him tightly.
Abeer: Meher relax.
She faints. He tries to wake her up but she doesn’t responds. He presses a button to call doctor. The doctor comes and checks her.
Doctor: its nothing, she’s just scared of what happened, she will get better with time.
He prescribes some medicines and goes. Suman, Shyam and Tunnu comes there.
Suman: how is she?
Abeer: she was fine but then she got a panic attack..I tried to calm her but she didn’t calmed and fainted.
Suman: what happen to her face?
Abeer: she fell and got hurt.
He says looking here and there.
Tunnu: what r u hiding?
Abeer tells them everything.
Everyone gets angry hearing this.
Tunnu: I will break his face.
He goes angrily.

What will Tunnu do to Rahul? Will he be able to take revenge or will get hurt instead ? keep reading and yeah m sally sue (sara) don’t get confused by the name

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