BD – Together Forever, Chapter 28

Abeer cries in front of inspector and pleads to find Meher as soon as possible.
Inspector: we r trying, I sent other officers to find her, we r trying to trace that call.
Abeer: find her soon, nothing should happen to her.
Inspector: u go, we will tell u when we get to know something.
Abeer: main yahan se kahin nh jaunga
He calls everyone and informs them about Meher’s kidnapping. Everyone becomes tensed hearing this.

Rahul asks the goons to wake her up. The goons empties a bucket of ice cold water on her. She wakes up with a jerk.
Meher: aahh!
Rahul: how r u Meher? boht dard horaha hai na? tch tch tch, mujhe bhi hua tha… jail bhijwaya tha na mujhe? m not done with u yet.

Meher was too weak to reply, she shivers from cold. He holds her face tightly, her wounds starts bleeding again, she cries.
Rahul: ur pretty face is no more pretty, u know what? boys love because of the beauty of face, Abeer also loves u because of that right? when he will see u his love will vanish.
He laughs and leaves her face with a jerk.
Meher: u will pay for this Rahul…*sob* he will love me no matter what.
Rahul: right now I have only given u physical torture, I will give u mental torture now.
He lights a matchstick and brings it near her. She screams. The goons starts pouring petrol around her.
Rahul: this fire I m going to light is going to kill u, u know what? sojao Meher, sojao.
He makes her smell chloroform but she bites his hand. He slaps her and she faints. He moves away from her and lights the fire around her.

Inspector: location milgai, let’s go.
He goes with Abeer driving the van with high speed and soon reaches the place. Abeer goes inside with the inspector, the sight in front of him made his anger reach to heights, Meher was tied to a chair fully wounded with fire around her. He runs to her and jumps in the fire ring, he unties her, the police men arrests Rahul along with goons. Abeer picks up Meher and quickly takes her in the policevan and asks them to drive to hospital fast and that they should torture Rahul and others a lot.
They drive to hospital. Abeer goes in hurriedly, the nurses brings stretcher and Abeer lays her on it carefully. He cries seeing her and holds her hand while taking her to the OT. They reach the OT and Abeer leaves her hand cryingly. Sad music plays.
Meher is treated by doctors. Abeer cries outside the OT. Someone taps on his shoulder, he looks up and sees Madhvi. She sits beside him.
Abeer: Maa meri galti hai yeh sab kuchh, I should’ve taken care of her.

Madhvi: nh its not ur fault, don’t worry, wo theek hojaegi.

Abeer: he tortured her too much, she got so many wounds, I hope she gets fine and it doesn’t affects her health.
Madhvi hugs him.

After a long surgery, the doctor comes out and Abeer rushes to him.
Abeer: kaisi hai vo?
Doctor: we can’t say anything, but what happened that she got so many wounds? they are not accidental, someone has tortured her.
Abeer: I know, she was kidnapped.
Doctor: we have treated her wounds but their scars may take time to go and also she may get panic attacks as when I did medical check up, it seemed as if she is disturbed.
Abeer: will she be OK?
Doctor: I hope so, we are trying, she will gain consciousness after 6 hours, her health is affected.
Abeer: can v meet her?
Doctor: yes
Abeer goes inside and cries seeing her wounds.
Abeer: sorry Meher, really sorry, I will make sure that Rahul doesn’t comes again and will be hanged to death.
He holds her hand, she gets restless. He tries to calm her and she gets normal again. She holds his hand.
Meher murmurs: don’t go leaving me, save me, m scared.. he will kill me..
Abeer: I won’t go anywhere Meher.

She tightens her grip and shivers. He covers her and kisses her forehead. He unknowingly sleeps keeping his head on the side of the bed. 6 hours pass by quickly. Meher gets a dream of all the moments while she was kidnapped and cries while she’s still unconscious.
Meher: leave me, don’t hit me, plz
Abeer wakes up from her movement.
Meher: don’t kill me
Abeer wakes her up and she gets up with a jerk. She looks at her surroundings.
Abeer: u OK Meher?
Meher: u saved me finally…but will u tell me one thing honestly?

Abeer nods and the question she asked shocked Abeer.
Meher: do I look ugly? will u leave me because of these wounds?

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