BD – Together Forever, Chapter 27

Mehbeer hugs Kuber and Madhvi and takes their blessings, Meher thinks to surprise her Mom Dad and Tunnu.
Meher: aap sab Maa Papa or Tunnu ko mat btana k hum wapis agaye hain, main unko surprise krna chahti hoon.
Madhvi: theek hai
Abeer: main bhi krna chahta hoon surprise unko.
Meher slaps her forehead.
Meher whispers: Abeer ek problem hai, hum unke liye kuchh laye nahi hain, ESE khaali haath kese jasakte hain?
Abeer: don’t worry, I ordered gifts for them.
Meher smiles at him. They go to their room and after freshening up, they go to Meher’s parents house. They ring the doorbell and Tunnu opens the door, he gets happy seeing them and hugs them.
Tunnu: didi jeeju I missed u both a lot.
Meher: me too, I have something for u.
She gives him a laptop. He smiles and hugs her.
Tunnu: thank u
Meher: Maa or papa kahan hain?
Tunnu: Papa office gaye hain or Maa kitchen mein.
Meher goes to the kitchen and sees Suman busy.
Meher: Maa
Suman: Meher
She turns to her and hugs her.
Suman: tu KB ayi?
Meher: aaj he aai thi, Maa I have surprise for u
Suman: kya
Meher: room mein hai
They go from there…after spending sometime together Mehbeer goes from there. They go to office directly from there. Everyone welcomes them back. They smiled at them in response. Meher goes to her cabin and Abeer too goes to his cabin. They both were busy in their cabins when Meher’s PA came to her cabin.
Sanaya (PA): someone has come to meet u outside.
Meher goes outside the office and someone gags her mouth with the chloroform handkerchief, she faints. The man takes her in the car with the help of 3 more men and they drives off from there. Abeer comes to Meher’s cabin to talk to her but doesn’t finds her. He asks everyone and later comes to Sanaya.
Abeer: have u seen Meher?
Sanaya: A man came and asked me to tell Meher to come out, I told her to go, but he didn’t tell me his name.

Abeer: how did he looked?
Sanaya: his skin was tanned, and he had French beard on his face, his height was a little less than u and his body was just like u.
Abeer recalls Rahul, his look was the same.
Abeer: OK thnx for telling.
He goes out of the office and drives the car fastly.
Abeer: last time he kept Meher in an old house, I should see there, maybe he again took her there.
He goes to that old house and sees no one there. He informs police.

Meher is shown tied to a chair in a godown. The men’s faces are shown, one was Rahul and others were goons. Rahul looks at unconscious Meher and smiles at her.
Rahul: last time it was ur luck that u got saved, who will save u now?

He laughs and so does the other goons.
Rahul: we should bring her to senses.
He signs a goon. The goon goes near her and slaps her tightly. She wakes up and gets shocked finding herself in the godown.
Meher: who r u all?
Rahul comes towards her.
Rahul: remember me?
She gets scared seeing him.
Rahul: I came again, and this time the revenge is of sending me to jail, I was tortured there and now u will be tortured.
He pulls her hair, she cries. He scratches her arms with his nails, her arms starts bleeding.
Meher: no don’t hit me.
She cries a lot. He breaks a glass bottle and slits her face with it, she screams. He breaks another glass bottle on her feet, they get injured.
Meher (sobbing): plz leave me, Maine tumhara kia bigara hai?

goon: chup baith
He slaps her, her lips starts bleeding and now she wasn’t able to bear any pain, she goes unconscious again. Abeer blames himself.
Abeer: I couldn’t take care of her, pta nh kahan hogi kis haal mein hogi, last time I easily reached her by tracing her phone, I should do it again.
He traces her phone and follows the route, he finds her phone in her cabin.
Abeer: ye to yahan hai, ab kia kru?
He receives a call by an unknown number.
Abeer: hallo
Rahul: if u want Meher safe then don’t try to find her.
He goes to police station and asks them to trace the call. But till then the call gets disconnected.
Abeer: plz inspector, save her they will kill her.
Inspector: we r trying.

Rahul looks at Meher and holds her face tightly.
Rahul: bechari Meher, tch tch tch, who will save u from me?

He looks at her evilly.

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