BD – Together Forever, Chapter 24

Mehbeer does lunch together and watch the movie “life ho to aisi” with fun and enjoyment, they talk on random topics after the movie ends, it was almost night so they got ready to go on drive. Abeer was ready, he was wearing his shoes.
Meher: Abeer
Abeer: (without looking up) hmm?
Meher: main kya pehnu? kuchh samajh nahi araha
Abeer: kapre
Meher: WO to mujhe bhi pta hai PR kpro me kia pehnu?
Abeer: kuchh bhi pehno, u look good, u can wear western clothes if u want.
Meher: ok, thank u

She takes out her clothes and goes to washroom. She comes out wearing a white floral top and pink long skirt.
Meher: how m I looking?
He looks at her from head to toe.
Abeer: achhi nh lagrahi
Meher frowns.
Abeer: balke boht achhi lgrahi ho.
Meher smiles.
Meher: chalein?
Abeer: han
She holds his bicep and they go out of the house, they sit in the car and go. Meher opens the window of the car and her hair blows on her face. Abeer keeps glancing at her every now and then.
Meher: eyes on the road Mr.Abeer
Abeer: no, eyes on u.
Meher: focus on the road else if a jerk comes then I will again kiss u accidentally like that day.
He stops the car with a jerk.
Meher: n y did u stop the car?
Abeer: I m shocked u remember that day.
Meher: So what?
Abeer: I intentionally jerked the car that day.
Meher laughs.
Meher: what?! cheater, itni mehnat q ki, main yun he kiss krdeti.
He glares at her.
Abeer: seriously?
Meher laughingly nods in yes. He shakes his head in disbelief and drives the car.
Abeer: I didn’t knew ur this side.
Meher: (still laughing) ab pta chal gaya tumhe? I m ur wife after all, I m just like u
Abeer: when did this happen?
Meher: right now.
Abeer bursts out laughing.
Abeer: very funny…arey holi kal hai, n we’ll be here all alone without family, pehli holi hai Jo mom dad k bager hogi.
He says sadly.
Meher: same here, lekin agar vo yahan nh to kia hua? hum to hain na? humari sath mein first holi hai

Abeer: han vo to hai, I will have fun with u.
They smile at each other. After driving about a mile long, they return back to the hotel and soon sleep. The next day, in the morning, Meher was asleep, Abeer woke up before her and smiles evilly, he does something to her towel and goes to washroom to freshen up. He comes out in white kurta pyjama. He takes red holi in his hands and smears her face without disturbing her sleep and goes.

After sometime Meher wakes up and goes to freshen up. She looks at her face in the mirror and screams.
Abeer knocks the door of the washroom.
Abeer: kia hua Meher?
Meher angrily opens the door of the washroom and pulls him inside.
Meher: what did u do to my face?
Abeer: bura na mano holi hai.
She ignores him and opens the tap but water doesn’t comes.
Meher: oh God..ab kia kru?
She opens the shower, the water doesn’t comes there as well.
Abeer: don’t worry..wipe it with towel.
She goes and wipes with towel, she looks again in the mirror and again gets angry.
Meher: Abeer! I will kill u yr
Abeer laughs. She glares at him and he stops, she moves towards him and he moves back, she doesn’t realizes the shower is on and just the water isn’t there, they both were standing under the shower and the water starts coming, they get drenched. Abeer slips and she stops him from falling, she too slips and he holds her, sometime later they start laughing.
Meher: tum white kpro mein ekdum kabootar lagte ho
Abeer: kia kaha?
Meher: Jo tumne suna, kabootar (pigeon)
Abeer: kabootar nh, farishta(angel)
Meher: chal jhoote
They were still under the shower.
Abeer: Meher, shower se bahar nh nikalna?.
meher: oh
She stops the shower.
Meher: sorry I made u drench
Abeer: its OK.
Meher: happy holi
Abeer: same to u.
Later that day.
Abeer: Meher, I feel very boring here in New York, let’s go to Mumbai after completing one week, what say?
Meher: u r right.
Abeer: I want to go out somewhere, like in water park.
Meher: to chalte hain.
Abeer: hmm
Mehbeer reaches the water park and sit dipping their feet in the water for a lot of time but then they get bored.
Abeer: Meher will u come with me in the pool?
Meher: no I m scared of water.
Abeer: ohh so why r u dipping ur feet in it if u r scared? ? wait I will finish ur fear.
He takes some water in his hand and splashes it on her face and laughs.
Meher: Abeeer
They start having a water fight.
Abeer: u were saying u r scared…anyways m going in the pool its ur wish if u want to come.

He jumps in the pool and goes underwater acting of drowning. Meher sees Abeer haven’t come out from sometime and gets worried.
Meher: Abeer!
No response.
Meher: Abeer r u OK?
She puts her hand in the water and gets pulled in the pool, she screams. Abeer smiles and pokes his head out of the pool, she tries to swim to come out but fails and somehow reaches Abeer holding his hand and hugs him.
Abeer: I won’t let u drown, don’t worry.
He hugs her back.
Abeer: if u r uncomfortable in the pool I won’t force u.
Meher: no I m not fearful now.
Abeer: r u sure?
Meher: yes m sure.
They swim holding hands and then float in the water. He picks her up and makes her sit near the pool, he comes out and after they both change their clothes, they go back to the hotel. Abeer books tickets to go back to Mumbai.
The next day, they go to airport and board their flight. They fly back to Mumbai and enjoys their journey. Finally they reach and gets down the plane, they go out of the airport to find a cab and goes back to their house. They ring the doorbell. Madhvi opens the door and gets happy seeing them and hugs them.
Madhvi: how did u come so early?
Abeer: we got bored there…happy holi by the way.
Madhvi: happy holi, did u guys celebrate holi?
Meher: yes by applying holi on each other by tricking.
She looks at Abeer while he laughs.
They have a great time coming back to Mumbai.

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