BD – Together Forever, Chapter 23


Next morning, Mehbeer were sleeping peacefully when Abeer’s phone rang, he disconnects the call and sleeps again, but it rings again, he gets annoyed and picks up the call without seeing caller ID.
Abeer: hallo
Person: Abeeeeeer
Abeer: oh my God, y the hell r u shouting, who r u?
Person: Meenakshi.
Abeer: God! r u drunk?
Minakshi: yes m drunk. I called to ask can u meet me today?
Abeer: but m in New York.
Minakshi: no prblm, I will say on phone, I got a boyfriend.
Abeer: congrats, who’s it?
Minakshi: Dhruv, wahi jo us din Meher k sath tha us shop mein.
Abeer: oh, but how u got drunk?
M: Main or Dhruv miley or humne saath mein pee li.
A: kal Meher ne bhi pi li, she was uncontrollable
He tells her everything while laughing.
M: (while laughing) achha tum apni wifey ko sambhaal k thak Gaye hogay so u sleep, bye.
A: bye.
Call disconnected, he sleeps.
At 11:30 Meher wakes up with a hangover, she sees Abeer is not there with her on the bed, she goes in the washroom holding her head, Abeer comes and keeps lemonade on the table for Meher and sits on the bed, she comes out of the washroom and wipes her face with a towel.
Abeer: I knew ur head must be aching, have this.
He said forwarding her the glass, she drinks it in one shot.
Abeer: waise Meher, do u remember what happened yesterday when u were drunk?
He asked laughing.
Meher: kya hua tha kal?
Abeer: tumhe yaad hoga tumne kal mujhe kis naam se bulaya tha.

Meher recalls and Abeer giggles.
Abeer: or tumhe yeh bhi yaad hoga k tumne mujhe chocolate lene bheja tha, or jaise he main wapis aya to tumne kya kia tha?
Meher recollects what happened and looks down.
Abeer: do u remember I was taking u to this room but u ran away, and called me a fool? u were so uncontrollable, n it was actually funny of what u did when I returned with ur chocolate.
He laughs.
Meher: Mujhe kuch nh yaad Abeer.
She says looking down lying to him but actually she remembered everything.
Abeer stands up and comes towards her.
Abeer: no need to be embarrassed, I loved ur childish things.
Meher: mujhe sab kuch yad hai.

They talk and go out of their room and orders their lunch, they eat together.
Abeer: ainda tum kabhi mat peena, u r uncontrollable when u drink.

Meher: sorry for whatever happened yesterday, bas dil kr rha tha to pee li.
Abeer: hmm, main yeh keh raha tha k hum raat mein drive pe chalte hain.
Meher: theek hai, us se pehle hum koi comedy movie dekhte hain, at least un ek aankh waley bhoot ko dekh k darrne se to better he hai.

Abeer laughs.
Abeer: OK as u say.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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