BD – Together Forever, Chapter 22 (Drunk Meher)


Abeer drinks the juice and Meher drinks the wine, Abeer looks at her but she wasn’t drunk till now, she was behaving normally, they were talking when Meher starts behaving like a child.
Meher: Abeer ji.
Abeer: what!
Meher: Abeer ji mujhe chocolate khani hai, bohat dil horaha hai, pleej

Abeer: theek hai Lekin mujhe Abeer bulao na why Abeer ji?
Meher: shhhh, I won’t call u Abeer.
Abeer: Meher plz.
Meher: no
She makes a cute angry pout.
Abeer: awww u look so cute Meher.
Meher: Abeer ji, flirt baad mein krlena, mujhe chocolate do plz.
Abeer: OK, par tum yahin rehna.
Meher: OK Abeerji.
Abeer: good girl.
He goes to a nearby shop and buys a chocolate, Meher goes from the table and hides behind a bush to scare him, Abeer comes back to the table and doesn’t finds Meher, he gets worried and calls her name, Meher smiles behind the bush, he turns around and Meher comes out of the bush and scares him, he gets startled and she laughs.
Abeer: darra q rhi ho yr? ye lo chocolate.
Meher: aww the brave boy got scared hehehe.
Abeer: gayab kahan hogai thi?
Meher: bush k peeche thi tumhe darane k liye.
Abeer: aww u r still a kid.
Meher: main kid nh tumhari wifey hoon.
She takes the chocolate from his hand and eats it like a child. He smiles at her.
Abeer: Meher, room mein chalein?
Meher: nh, yaheen pe rehna hai.

Now very few people were there in the resort.
Abeer: OK then don’t blame me.
Meher: for what?
He picks her up.
Abeer: for this.
Meher: Abeer leave me na.
Abeer: nh.
Meher: achha, u can put me down I can walk.
Abeer: u sure?
Meher: 100% sure.
Abeer: OK
he puts her down and she starts running away.
Meher: Abeer Malhotra is a fool.
She sticks her tongue out and runs. He runs after her.
Abeer: Meher stop.
Meher collides with someone, it was a man who was drunk, he holds Meher’s hand.
Meher: leave.
Abeer comes running and pushes the man away from Meher.
Abeer: how dare u touch her?
He punches him hard.
Man: hum kaale hain to kia hua dilwale hain, hum tere tere tere chahne wale hain.
Abeer: Teri to
He punches him again and the man runs. Meher stumbles, Abeer picks her up, she hugs him tightly.
Meher: love u
Abeer: love u 2
He takes her to the car and makes her sit inside. He sits on the passenger seat and she puts her head on his shoulder.
Meher: tum mujhse gussa ho?
Abeer: nh, main q gussa hounga? m not angry.
Meher: sorry.
Abeer: arey kya? m not angry.
Meher smiles. They reach the hotel, Abeer comes out of the car with Meher, they go to their room, Meher sleeps.
Abeer: Oh God, ainda kabhi nh pilaunga isse, she is uncontrollable when she’s drunk.
Meher: na pilao main khud peelungi he he.
Abeer slaps his forehead.
Abeer: neend mein bhi kaan khuley hotey hain God!
He too sleeps.

(The next chapter of childhood love will come by night)

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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