BD – Together Forever, Chapter 21


MehBeer were having breakfast with everyone else.
Abeer: Mom main soch raha tha k aaj main office Meher ko le kr jaun

Meher looks at him confused, Abeer assures her with his eyes.
Mom: Meri han hai, Meher se poochh usey chalna hai k nahi.

Meher tries to say something but Abeer doesn’t let her say.
Abeer: of course chalegi vo, hai na Meher?
He looks at her.
Meher: han chalungi lekin..
Abeer: lekin kuch nh, u r coming n that’s it.
Mom: han Meher jao ghar Bethe Bethe bore hojaogi.
Abeer gives Meher a victorious smile.
They continue the breakfast and Mehbeer are about to go towards their car out of the house but Abeer’s dad stops them.
Abeer: Kia hua dad?
His dad doesn’t says anything and gives a long envelope to them. Abeer smiles.
Abeer: dad! honeymoon tickets that too of New York! dad u r the best
He hugs him.
Dad smiles and blesses both of them. He goes.
MehBeer goes in their car, Abeer’s dad in another car. They reach office. Abeer comes out of car along with Meher, everyone eyes them. Mehbeer goes in the office hand in hand, Abeer takes her to his cabin. Abeer was pretending to do his work in case someone comes in the cabin, but actually he was talking to Meher the whole time, they were taking selfies posing stupidly, and uploaded one of them to Instagram with they both smiling, their heads joined together, they were having very good time in the office, they went home early as they had to do packing and sleep early, they packed all their stuff and soon slept

Its morning, Mehbeer were all set to celebrate honeymoon, by the way they are going to New York for two weeks, and have booked a hotel named “Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel.”
So after completing their breakfast and taking their things, they bid bye to everyone and hires a cab to go to airport, they reach and announcement is done after sometime, they sit in the aeroplane, as it takes off, Meher holds Abeer’s hand tightly as she gets scared. Abeer comforts her. The waitress in the aeroplane serves them food.
Abeer: Meher
Meher: hmm?
Abeer: ab 2 weeks tk hum akele hongay.
Meher: to?
Abeer: to hum 24 hours farig hongay, tumhe aaj aur bhi ziada horror film dikhane ka mood hai mera. *evil grin*
Meher: plz Abeer, mujhe un ek aankh wale bhooto ki film nh dekhni hai
Abeer: main uski surgery karwa doon phir to dekhogi na hehehe
Meher: Haha
Soon they reach New York and gets off the plane. They find a cab to reach the hotel. They reach and goes to the receptionist to get keys for their room. They go to their room and unpacks their bags, they lay down on the bed.
Meher: Abeer hum raat mein na resort chalte hain
Abeer: ur wish is my command.
They sleep.

At night, they get ready to go to resort. At the resort, Abeer asks Meher to sit, he will get drinks. Abeer gets wine for himself and juice for her.
Meher: what’s this juice? Mujhe bhi wine chahye.
Abeer is shocked on her demand.
Abeer: r u sure?
Meher: han, sure, yahan pe sirf hum dono hain, let’s have some fun.
Abeer: OK, lekin sirf ek drink no more.
Meher: OK.
He drinks the juice and she drinks the wine

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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