BD – Together Forever, Chapter 19


The couple was asleep in the same position until Abeer`s sleep got disturbed by Meher`s alarm, he switched off the alarm trying not to
disturb Meher`s sleep but she wakes up and rubs her eyes, she looks at her surroundings.
Meher: Abeer hum kahan hain?

Abeer: tree house me

Meher: what? kok Bandar agaya to?

Abeer: yahan koi janwar nh

Meher: Abeer, let`s do something fun, mujhe abhi ghar nahi jana

Abeer: like what?

Meher: we can roam around in this jungle
Abeer: OK, but what if a monkey comes in real? (teasingly)

Meher gets irritated and throws a pillow on him. He too throws a pillow on her.

Meher: Abeer!

She again throws a pillow on him. He throws a pillow on her again, she is about to throw a pillow on her again, she is about to throw a
pillow on him but he tries to snatch it from her and falls oh her, music plays (the one in the series). They have an eye lock. Their eye lock is
broken by Meher`s phone ringing. She sees its her mother`s call.

Meher: han ma

Mom: Meher beta, where r u?

Meher: m with Abeer, yesterday we came to tree house n I slept there.

Mom: OK, beta u come soon, ur papa wants to meet Abeer.

Meher: OK ma

Call disconnected

Meher: Abeer we should go, papa wants to meet u.

Abeer: OK let’s go, we will come here later.

Meher agrees and they get up from the bed and gets out of the tree house and the jungle and drives off from there. Soon they reach Meher`s house and Abeer bids her bye saying he will meet her father at afternoon. She
agrees. She rings the bell and her mother opens the door.

She greets her.

Meher: Ma vo Abeer gaya vo Milne baad me ayega

Momv achha, beta tu fresh ho k aaram se aa, mai khana lagati hoon.

Later that day at evening, everyone were busy in their own selves, when the doorbell rings, their maid opens the door finding everyone busy, its Abeer. The maid greets him inside
and tells him to wait. Meanwhile she goes to call Meher`s mom and dad. After sometime they come downstairs. Abeer greets them.

Dad: where r ur parents?
Abeer: they are outside India, they will come after one year.

Dad: Oh, but u were also coming after one year right?

Abeer: I shifted my job here

Dad: how much is ur salary?

Abeer: 35,000

Dad: achha, vo I was thinking that Meher should also work with u.

Abeer: As she wishes, I won’t force her.

Dad smiles hearing this. Mom brings tea for them and after sometime. Abeer bids them bye and goes.

Abeer`s POV: I hope everything goes fine.

He goes from there to his house and calls his mother.

Abeer`s mom: han Abeer

Abeer Maa vo aj Meber k papa se mila tha, he called me at his house n I went there.

Mom: what happened after that?

Abeer: kuchh nh, nothing much happened, he asked about salary and about parents.

Mom: what did u say?

Abeer: i said parents are outside the country because of job and I said my salary is 35000

Mom: ok, we will try to come early

Abeer: thank u mom, love u

Mom: luv u 2 beta, I will talk later, bye

Abeer: bye mom

Call disconnects and he gets Meher`s call.
Meber: Abeer how was the meeting?

Abeer: it went OK, I hope everything goes well, rest of the things will happen after mom dad comes.

Meher: han vo to hai

Abeer achha good night take care

Meher: good night

Author`s POV: They slept hoping everything goes well and after 5 months, Abeer`s parents
return and after some days Abeer’s parents and Meher`s parents meet and their alliance is fixed, the couple is very happy as their dream
came true, they celebrate their happiness happily.

The next day its engagement, Meher`s family come to Abeer`s house, the house was filled with lots of guests and was beautifully
decorated, Meher comes dressed in a hot pink lehenga choli and looks stunning, Abeer too comes dressed in red sherwani and smiles looking at Meher while she blushes, Abeer
secretly takes her in a corner and takes selfies with her.

Meher: Abeer koi dekhlega

Abeer: so what? in sometime me n u will become “we”, now I can publically kiss u.

He leans towards her.

Meher: chhi Abeer plz stop it

She runs away from there while he laughs, finally it was time for ring ceremony, MehBeer sit together on bride and groom`s chair, Abeer
makes her wear the ring, everyone claps, Meher too makes him wear a ring, everyone claps again, the ring ceremony was done and they dance on London thumakda, engagement

Sorry I took so long to update guys, I m thinking to write a new story in which MehBeer are childhood friends, should I write it or should I continue this and other ff only? do tell me guys.
Love u

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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