BD – Together Forever, Chapter 18


Meher: when did u return?

She said breaking the hug.

Abeer: I came yesterday, I thought to surprise u.
Meher: u r the best *cheek kiss*

Tunnu: R u guys done with ur romance ?(teasingly)

Meher blushes

Tunnu: happy bday di *hug*

Meher: thank u, Maa or papa kahan hain?
Tunnu: hall mein

Meher goes with Tunnu and Abeer goes to Meher`s room and keeps a gift on her bed.
Meher goes to hall with Tunnu, the lights were switched off, she enters and they shout surprise, the light switches on. The hall was decorated
beautifully, they all wish her and she makes everyone eat cake one by one, Abeer was in Meher`s room so that she can have some family time.

In the hall:

They all gift her one by one. Her mom grifts her diamond earrings, Tunnu gives a cup on which it was written “world`s best sister”, her dad
gives her a crown. She hugs them and thanks them.

After sometime they all go from there including Meher.

Meher goes to her room and finds Abeer waiting for her. He sees her and pulls her and they fall on bed, Meher was on top of him.
Meher: what r u doing, anyone will see us.
Abeer turns on the bed making her lie on the opposite side of bed.

Abeer: if a third person comes between me n u then we will finish her/him

He says dramatically making her laugh. She notices the gift on the bed and smiles.

Meher: Abeer what is this?

Abeer: unpack n see.

She unpacks it and finds a teddy bear with a heart in his hands, on the heart was written I love u.

There was a box of heart chocolates in teddy bear`s lap.

Meher thank u Abeer

Abeer: welcome, won’t u feed me cake?
He said childishly and she takes him with her to the hall. They both feed each other cake.
Abeer: mere pas tumhare liye ek surprise hai
Meher: kya

Abeer: The surprise won’t be a surprise if I tell u what’s it, I will blindfold u.

He blindfolds her.

Meher: Abeer yeh kya kr rhay ho?

Abeer: u trust me na?

Meher nods yes

He accompanies her to the car by holding her hand and directing her, he makes her sit on passenger seat and he sits on the drrvrhg seat, he starts driving and the whole drive was silent, they reach their destination and he stops the car, it was a forest. He gets down the car and goes towards her door and opens it, he helps her come out and closes the door, after walking for sometime, he removes her blindfold, it was a tree house.

Meher: wow, its so good, I always wanted to go in a tree house but no one took me, because it ain’t safe.

Abeer: but this one is safe, no animals.

Meher: so let’s go in, we’ll stay here tonight.

Abeer: ok, whatever the birthday girl wants.

Tne tree house was under a tree, there was a wooden stair case joint to it, so they go up and there was a swing bed and a window, Meher goes near the window and looks down, her hair were blowing and some were coming on her face, Abeer was admiring her the whole time, he goes near her and hugs her from back, he rests his chin on her shoulder, while she places her hands on his hands and turns her
face to look at him, he was smiling at her, she smiles back. They remained in the same position for sometime.

Meher: Abeer m sleepy

Abeer: me too

Abeer frees her from his grip and they both lie down on the bed next to each other.

Meher: Abeer, thank u, u fulfilled my dream

Abeer: everything is fair in love

He turns towards her on his elbow and kisses her on her cheek, she blushes and turns her back towards him, he wraps his arms around
her stomach, she blushes even more and they both sleep in the same position.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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