BD – Together Forever, Chapter 17


Next morning, Meher wakes up and freshen up, she gets ready in casual wear and goes out of her room, she hears a familiar voice and
follows the voice, its her dad, she smiles and greets him with a hug and takes his blessings. He blesses her and kisses her forehead.

Tunnu too comes there and hugs him. Meher`s mom smiles seeing her happy family.

Dad: I have a news for u all, I m here till Meher’s bday, and there is much time left for tunnu’s bday, and I think we should do something about Meher’s marriage.

Meher looks at her mother for help.

Mom: I want to talk to u in loneliness

Meher goes from there followed by Tunnu.
Mom: Meher has someone in his life, she loves him, and I want that she marries someone with whom she feels comfortable.

Dad: OK, we should meet that boy’s family, then we’ll decide.

Mom: he is outside the country along with his parents, he’ll come after one year.

Dad: OK

Meanwhile Meher was tensed in her room, Tunnu was sitting by her side trying to cheer her up by jokes, but nothing worked. He stands up and goes closer to her by other side
and makes a funny face. She smiles a little then stops. He side hugs her. Their parents enter in the room.

Dad: beta we’ll make u marry to the man with whom u feel comfortable, I know u have someone in your life, n we’ll meet that man’s family after he comes back.

Meher happily hugs him.

@Abeer`s office, Abeer was working on his computer trying to concentrate, but he gets lost in his lala land, his face resting on his
palm and he was smiling broadly looking away from the screen, the door of his cabin opens and his dad comes towards lost Abeer,
he clicks his fingers in front of him, Abeer comes out of trance and realizes he was lost.
Abeer: Jee dad

Dad: hogai daydreaming? (teasingly)

Abeer: dad plz

Dad: do ur work, u have the rest of the day then u can daydream properly.

Abeer gets back to work, this time he concentrates.

Meher and her mom talk on random topics and after sometime they both were cooking as usual, Tunnu go to college and Meher`s dad was resting in his room.

Finally its the day for Meher`s bday.
Everyone were pretending
that they dont remember about it. She was upset ahd sat in her room with a cute sad pout. She receives a call and happily picks it up seeing the caller ID.

Abeer: Happy bday my lucky charm
Meher: thank u

Abeer: what happen? ur mood doesn’t seems to be OK?
Meher: No one remembers my bday from my house.
Abeer: they might be acting to surprise u, just chill.

They both were talking and after some time the bell rings. Everyone were busy so Meher went n answered the door, its courier boy, he gives her a big parcel and goes, she opens it and finds Abeer inside it.

Meher: Abeer!

She hugs him tightly He too hugs her back.
Aise tera main jaise mera tu plays.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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