BD – Together Forever, Chapter 16 *distance doesn’t matters*


Mehbeer comes out of the police
station, they sit in the car, Abeer
drops Meher to her house and bids
her bye, he goes to his house and
finds his parents waiting for him, he
greets them.

Mom: We want to tell u something.

Dad: hum India se bahar jarahay

Abeer: what?! lekin kiun?

Dad: My job is transferring so we all have to go.

Abeer: zaroori hai?

Dad: han zaroori hai

Abeer: kab tak k liye jarahe hain?

Dad: 1 year

Abeer: But I can’t leave Meher alone.

Saying this he tells them the whole

Abeer: plz let me stay here.

Dad: beta sirf ek saal ki to baat hai,

phir hum wapis ajaengay

Abeer gets sad.

Abeer: OK fine, I m going to pack my things then I will go to inform Meher.

His parents nod and he goes. His
parents talk on random topics and
after some time tney retire to their
room, meanwnile Abeer sadly packs
his bag and goes out of his nouse
and sits in nis car and drives off. He
stops at Meher’s building. He calls

Mener: han Abeer

Abeer: Meher, come down, I have some work.

Mener: Coming

Call disconnects.

Meher comes down and Abeer takes
her in a bone crashing hug. Meher
hugs him back. They remain in the
embrace for sometime feeling the
moment. Abeer breaks the hug.

Abeer: my papa’s job is transferring so we all are going out of India for one year, its important to go.

Meher: I understand

Abeer: Before going I want to give u something.

He comes closer to her and makes
her wear a heart pendant.

Meher: its beautiful

Abeer gives ner another heart
pendant and she makes nim wear it.

On one pendant it was written His
only, on other it was written hers
only, in short they were promise

Abeer: I’ll be in touch with u I
promise, keep this pendant with u always.

Mener: I’ll miss u.

She hugs him tightly as if they’ll
never meet again, he too hugs her
patting her head. The couple were
holding each other tightly not ready
to break the hug and not wanting
the sun to rise. After a long hug they
went to their house and slept with
lots of thoughts distracting tneir

They weren’t ready to be away from each other not even for a moment and now they will be away from each other that too for one year.
Finally the sun rose and Abeer along with family went towards the airport and boarded their flight after the final goodbye to his love.
Although they were far away from each other, distance didn’t mattered as their love was strong, they were two bodies and one soul, when you get true love, never let it go, fight for
it and imprison that person in your ribs.

Meher wakes up in the middle of the night in a shock. She holds her necklace tightly to calm herself as she had a bad dream that the flight
which Abeer and his family boarded got crashed. She becomes restless and calls him
Abeer: (sleepily) hallo

Meher: Abeer u r OK na? u reached safely right?

She said this in one go worriedly.

Abeer: I m fine, what will happen to me?
Meher: I had a bad dream.

Abeer: When u r with me then how will something happen to me? u r my lucky charm.

Meher smiles shyingly

Abeer:I can feel u blushing

Meher: Abeer sorry ur sleep got disturbed because of me

Abeer: nh its OK, by listening to us voice I will have a nice sleep, bye my future wife
Meher: Abeer!

Abeer: bye Meher, byeee

He disconnects tne call and both

sleep with a smile.

Its morning, Abeer wakes up and
goes outside his room after bath.

Dad: good morning.

Abeer: Good morning dad.

Dad: I was thinking that ur college has finished so u should make ur own career.

Abeer: Dad will u let me do the job which I like?

Dad: u can surely make music I have no prblm but do office work as well.

Abeer: thank u dad, mom kahan


Dad: soi hai vo.

Abeer: achba.

They have breakfast and go to
office. Meher is talking to her mom
while eating, her brother comes and
teases her. After breakfast, Meher
helps her mom to cook and Tunnu
(mener’s bro) goes to college. By the
way Meher’s dad is out of country
for work. He comes every month to
meet them.

Day passes, its night, Abeer comes
from offlce and calls Meher.

Abeer: Hi Meher, kesi ho?

Meher: theek, tum?

Abeer: tumhara bf ek dum theek hai,

aphe lucky charm k hote hue vo

kbhi dukhi hosakta hai kya?

Meher: Abeer u r so mischievous.

Abeer: haha vo to main hooh, wese

next month to tumhari bday hai, PR

maih to hounga nh so sad.

Meher: so what? next bday to kitna
maza ayega ha, hum sath mein
bday mnaengay.

Abeer: (childishly) mujhe cake
khana hai

Meher laughs on him.

Meher: Abeer kabhi to serious hua
kro, achha mujhe neend arahi hai,

Call disconnects.

(Guys whenever any event is going to come like any Indian festival so tell me, I will write my other ff with the families celebrating festival)

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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