BD – Together Forever, Chapter 14


Meher wakes up and sees someone, she is shocked.

Meher: tum! Q laye ho mujhe yahan Rahul?
Rahul: mujhe wahi karna hai Jo me pehle nh krpaya

He gets up and goes towards her, she moves back on her floor scared.

Meher: Rahut plz don’t do anything.

Rahul: hahaha, ESE kese kuch ha karun?
Meher: mai ne kia bigara hai tumhara?

Rahul pulls her up by her hair, she hisses in pain.

Rahul: because of u i always get discouraged, u will have to pay for that.
He pushes her again on floor. Abeer asks the people around about Meher and tells how she looks, he gets to know someone took her in
car, he traces her phone and goes to that place.

Flashback: Meher was a topper, Rahul was not good in studies, teachers praised meher n discouraged Rahul. He was jealous of Meher.
Fb end.

Here Rahul is trying to touch Meher and she is crying helplessly. Abeer reaches the place where Meher is kept, he breaks the door and
gets in, he tries to find Meher, he hears her voice.

Meher: nahi, Rahut no don’t do anything. (sobbing)

Abeer follows the voice and opens the door of the room. Meher looks at the door to see who is it and seeing Abeer she runs towards him and hugs him tightly crying.
Meher: Abeer, thank God u came, he tried to touch me.

Abeer runs his fingers in her hair.

Abeer: bas, agaya na main, ro mat.

He breaks the hug and comforts Meher, Rahul comes towards Meher and is about to attack her with a glass bottle. Abeer pushes Meher to
other side and holds his hand, he breaks the bottle on the floor. They get into a fight.
Meher: Abeer u will get hurt

Abeer doesn’t listens to her and continues beating Rahul. Meher picks a vase and hits it on Rahul’s head, he faints, few droplets of blood comes out of his head.

Meher: Abeer u r OK na? u didn’t got hurt right?

Abeer: yes m OK but what to do of him?

Meher: don’t know

Abeer: we’ll take him to police hospital.

Meher: will I go to jail?

Abeer: no, nothing will happen to u, m here na, come.

Abeer picks up Rahul and puts him on car`s back seat and Mehbeer sits on front seat and drove off.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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