BD – Together Forever, Chapter 13 *the mysterious person*


Guys I m giving a short update today.

Meher wakes up in the morning and picks her phone, she receives a message by Abeer.
Abeer: Can we meet?
Meher: Han, garden mein chalte hain OK?
Abeer: hmm OK I will pick u up at 11.
Meher: OK.

Every time they planned to meet, they were excited as if they haven’t met for ages, this is love, the love which everyone wants.
After two hours, it was finally time for Mehbeer to meet, Meher comes out of the house after informing her mother as usual, and Abeer was waiting for her like always, but this time Abeer wasn’t in car, he was on his bike. Meher goes towards the bike and sat behind him. As he drove off, her grip became tight.

In the garden, hardly some people came and sometimes it was totally empty. Mehbeer went inside and as they were going, someone was eyeing them. They roamed in the garden with hand in hand. It was a breezy weather. After sometime they got tired of roaming and sat down talking and laughing on random topics. Someone approaches them slowly and hits on Abeer’s head, he faints on Meher’s shoulder.
Meher: Abeer! Utho.

She was about to look back to see who it was but the person doesn’t let’s her do so, he/she shuts her mouth making her breathe chloroform and she too faints. The mysterious person takes Meher with him/her and pushes her in the car, Abeer is left there only.
The mysterious person takes Meher in a dark room and throws her on the floor with a force, he/she looks at her angrily. He/she sits on a rocking chair a little far from Meher.
Abeer gains consciousness and holds his head, he doesn’t finds Meher and worries.
Meher wakes up and sees someone.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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