BD – Together Forever, Chapter 12 *True love exists between me n u*

Its morning, Meher wakes up and finds herself on her bed. She recalls falling asleep on Abeer’s shoulder n blushes.

Meher: how did I come here?

Just then she receives a message.

Abeer: good morning beautiful.

Meher: good morning handsome

Abeer: how r u? had a beauty sleep right?

Meher: As far as I remember I slept on ur shoulder so how did I come on my bed?
Abeer: by flying ?

Meher: abeer! Tell me na plz

Abeer: its obvious that I must have kept u on the bed, anyways do u have any plan of meeting?

Meher: yes I want to meet but where shall we meet?

Abeer : the place where we met yesterday night

Meher: ok at night (Fast forwarding to night)
At night, Meher dresses up in a red
chiffon dress and keeps her hair open, she wears golden heart earrings and golden high heels. She goes downstairs and her mother is
as usual working in kitchen. She goes and hugs her from behind.

Mom: Meher, what happen?

Meher: Maa m going somewhere with Abeer

Mom: OK but come soon, n listen don’t trust him so much, u remember that Nisaar…
Meher interrupts not wanting to hear his name

Meher: Maa don’t take his name, if he was also like him he wouldn’t have saved me that day, he would have been involved in Nisaar’s happiness, he gave up his friendship with him, for me, Maa u tell if he didn’t loved me why would he do this?

Mom: yes u r right but then also take care.

Saying this she kisses on her forehead as a blessing.

Meher: bye Maa m going I will take care of myself, don’t worry

After sharing a hug, she goes out of the house and finds Abeer waiting for her. He was wearing a white Tee shirt with red blazer and blue jeans, he gets mesmerized seeing her.
She smiles and sits beside him in car. The car drives off.

After reaching, Abeer comes out of car and went towards Meher’s door and opened it and forwarded his hand, she smiles and holds his hand and closes the door. The chinese lamps were floating in air and few were left for other couples.

Abeer: Meher yesterday we came here only but didn’t free the Chinese lamp in the air, its said that this lamp goes to God with our wish.

They free the Chinese lamp in the air and smiles seeing it. There were other couples too, but everyone were lost in their partners, it was
such a beautiful scenery, it was dark and onty the light from Chinese lamps were glowing, everyone were having their “we time”.
Mehbeer sat down beside each other on floor.
Meher: Abeer, I m having so much fun here, so beautiful, it seems as if there is no one else here besides us.

Abeer: vo to hai, but there r more creatures here besides people, like ghosts

He laughs in a witch’s style, Meher hugs him getting scared.

Meher: what! plz let’s go from here m scared.

Abeer: haha, I was just joking

She hits him on his stomach breaking the hug.
Meher: what yr? I won’t talk to u now.

She turns to other side. He thinks to tease her.

Abeer: Yes oK, m going, take care that the ghost doesn’t comes to u in reality

Meher: m not afraid of them

Abeer: achha? R u sure?

Meher: hmm

Abeer: OK

He goes and she gets annoyed. Suddenly she hears a ghostly voice and shouts. Someone palms her mouth. She sees its Abeer. He
makes a puppy face.

Abeer: sorry

Meher: Abeer m tired, shall v go?

Abeer: OK let’s go my bride (he picks her up)
Meher: (laughingly) abeer!

They both go from there in their car Abeer drops her to her house and comes out.
Meher: Why did you come out?

Abeer: to meet my mother in law.

Meher: seriously?

Abeer: yes, does it looks like I m joking?

Meher: no

She rings the bell and her mother opens the door.

Meher: Maa

She hugs her happily

Mom: u came Meher, who is this?

Meher: Abeer

Abeer: Namaste aunty

Mom: Namaste

Meher goes to her room and comes out after sometime in casual wear Abeer and her mom were talking and dining together, she smiles
seerhg them and joins them. After some time he went bidding bye to her mom n Meher, nothing much happened the rest of the day.
At night they both slept thinking about each other.

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