BD – Together Forever, Chapter 11 *love is blind*

MehBeer step down the car. It was evening, Abeer had brought her to a place where Chinese lamps were floating im the sky, only one was left on the floor for another couple to free in the air.

Meher :wow, its beautiful

She was looking at the sky which was filled with Chinese lamps. Abeer smiles looking at her.

Abeer: Meher

Meher: (without looking at him) hmm

Abeer: I want to say something.

She looks in his eyes.

Meher: say

Abeer sits on one knee in front of her and places a rose in his hand.

Abeer: “Meher I love u, I want to change this friendship into love, when I m with u, I wish that time stops, not from today, but from the day I saw u, I loved u even when u loved Nisaar, I know u need time, and this is too early, I won’t force u I will accept your decision.

Meher was silent listening his confession, she was looking deep into his eyes which clearly showed his love for her. She smiles at him and takes the rose from his hand.

Abeer: What happen? y u smiling, say something.
She immediately hugged him tightly and says I love you too. He hugs her back and smiles. They didn`t knew for how long they remained in the hug position, Meher broke the hug.
Meher: Abeer now should we go?

She pulled him with her and he didn’t opposed and went obediently. They sat in the car and he plays the song “saawli si raat ho khamoshi
ka saath ho”. The atmosphere was filled with silence amd they were lost in each other, it felt as no one existed besides them. After driving
for 20 minutes, they reached. Abeer told Meher that they’ve reached but she didn`t responded.
He felt weight on his left shoulder, he sees her sleeping on his shoulder. He smiles and tries to wake her up but she was deep asleep. He placed her head on her seat carefully and went out of car and went towards her door, he
opened the door and picked her in his arms.

He went towards the door and rang the doorbell, their maid opens the door

Maid: Suman ma’am has gone somewhere outside.
Abeer nodded and went towards Meher`s room and placed her on the bed, ne covers her with a duvet.

He kissed her forehead and whispered Good night.

He switches off the lights and goes from her house.

Finally they were lovebirds and have a love story every1 prefers.

Happy Valentine’s day Guys
is this much long update OK for u guys?

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