BD – Together Forever, Chapter 10 *friendship is love.

Meenakshi: call? No I didn’t call

Abeer gets thinking.

Abeer: if she didn’t called then who did?

He picks his phone and checks his
call log and sees it was Meher’s call.

He says: “It was Meher’s call, I thought of her as u and said that I will come to meet, let me sleep, I think she is around us.”
Saying this, he starts searching her by his eyes but Meher hides her face completely and Abeer is not able to see her. Abeer says:

“oh, I didn’t tell her the place to meet so she won’t know where m i”

Meenakshi: Yes how will she know? You don’t have tracking device on u that she will know wherever u are.

They both giggle.

Meher to herself: You didn’t tell me the place’s name but u said at same place, I m not a fool Mr. Abeer Malhotra
Abeer: Meenu m going now OK bye.
Meenakshi: bye abeer
Abeer leaves from there followed by
Minakshi and Meher. AbShi sits in
Abeer’s car and Meher takes an
auto to follow them. AbShi stops at
Minakshi’s house and after
dropping her, he starts driving again
and stops at Meher’s house.
Meher: y did he come here?
She pays the auto driver and quickly
goes inside the building and Abeer
too goes inside the building and
they are opposite to each other.
Meher slips because of watery floor
and lands up in Abeer’s arms. They
have a cute eyelock. They stay in
same position for sometime.
Dehleez pe mere dil ki….plays.

MehBeer comes out of trance and straighten themselves.

Abeer: I was coming to u only, by the way how do u always manage to be around me?
He said this with mischievous eyes and Meher was confused on what to say. For 1 minute she remained silent and after composing herself she finally said, “How will I know u were beside me? I slipped by mistake, I m going to my house bye.

Sne said this without making eye contact and was about to go but Abeer came in front of her and blocked her way. Meher gives him a what look.

Abeer: (singing) tera rasta Jo rokun chaunkne ka nahi

Menerv (giggling) abeer, u r so funny, tell na what happened?

Abeer: (naughtily) your way got blocked.

Meher: Abeer plz let me go, everyone are watching us.

Abeer: Hey who everyone? There is no world between the two of us, and if anyone comes in between us, we will finish them

He said this in a filmy way making people around them laugh while Meher was confused as to why was he saying like this?

Abeer: Oh God, just look at ur face, I was just joking come let’s go.

He pulls her holding her wrist.

Meher: Where?

Abeer: At your house

Meher Abeer, everyone are there in my house, we will meet somewhere else I will msg u OK?
Abeer: Wow! ???? u were so restless to meet me?

Meher: Abeer plz let me go

Abeer: we are friends, and friends can have some fun time, right?

Meher nods yes.

Abeer: so come

He said forwarding his hand

Meher: Abeer, but what will I say to Maa?
Abeer: Inform her that u r with ur friend, no let’s go, shall we?
Meher: yes

They go towards Abeer`s car holding hands.
They sit in the car beside each other and Abeer plays the song Ishq wala love while Meher blushes, this is noticed by abeer.
Abeer: u look very cute while blushing.
Meher laughs. The car have a sudden jerk and Meher accidently kisses Abeer. He smiles as he intentionally did this.

Meher: sorry

Abeer: What happen to u Meher? u said u wanted to meet me but what happened now that u kissed me? Say shy cat.
Meher Abeer!
Abeer stops the car.
Meher: y did u stop the car?
Abeer: we’ve reached

Guys r u not liking my story? I m very disappointed by the response, is only Rishi reading this?

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