B’coz…i love u (Swaragini)-episode 9


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Episode 8

some days passed ..their exams started…oneday swarag,sanlak wr studying in swara home….ragini,swalak r seriously studying but sanskar was not in a mood to study…so he tries to disturb ragini but her full concentration on book only..he thought something nd he brings lizard and throws on ragini..ragini seeing this shouts loudly nd jumps here nd there..sanskar was laughing..then she notices it was not real one …ragini glares at sanskar who was laughing…she angrily went to kitchen nd brings a box full of wheat flour poured it on sanskar and said now laugh…sanskar saw there mug of water nd poured on ragini…seeing this swalak was irritated…swara says will u both stop it…and shows them to room..it was full messy with flour nd water…ragini says it is bcoz of this idiot..sanskar says no its bcz of this junglebilly..swara said shut up nd says u both clean d room…they had no option they agress..swalak went to another room…ragsan started to clean ….

while cleaning they bump each other nd fell on floor…sanskar was top of ragini..thay have eye-lock..sanskar gets up and he gave his hand to ragini..ragini holds his hand ..he pulls her up..bcoz of his force ragini hits him,he was ubalanced..nd again fell on floor followed by ragini….now ragini is top of sanskar..thay share a long eyelock..after sometime they composed nd complted cleaning…swalak came nd they4 started yo read…..2wks passed their exams got over….its time for holidays..so ragini went to Kolkata(her native)…

1wk passed…sanskar was in his room..thinking about ragini…nd said to himself..it has been 1wk…i was mssing ragini badly..i was missing her fights,her childish behavior,her smile nd all..i dnt know y bit i cant live without her fights….his monolog says” sanskar y did u fell like that is u r in love with her…”sanskar smiled at him and says love….is iam in love with her…i dnt understand is this love r not but i wanted to be with her,i wanted to fight with her,i wanted to tease her nd i wanted to make her smile…saying this he remembered all moments with ragini…

here ragini had same situation like sanskar…oneday ragini comes out frm washroom..nd sees sanskar there…ragini asked u here..he didn’t say anything nd he comes towards her nd moves close to her and said i love u..ragini hugs him tightly…after sometime she realizes it was all her imagination….she hits her head with her hands and says what r u thinking ragini..how can he said i love u..he hates me na.ragini first cleared about ur feelings on sanskar says to herself,nd went to her dream world…..

holydays got over…college re opening day….sanlak wr waiting fr swaragini…swara came….sanskar asked swara where is jungli billy…swalak was surprised,first time he asked about ragini…they saw him with surprise..sanskar noticed this nd says i asked jst normally dnt think too much…swara said she will come…swalak,san wr sitting in canteen,sanskar was eagerly waiting fr ragini…finally ragini came with one boy…seeing ragini he was very happy but he became sad when he saw a boy with her….ragini came to them..nd said gi to all..swara asks about that boy…ragini said he is abeer [played by pearl v puri]..he is my friend nd classmate on Kolkata..now onwards he too study here…and she introduced swalak,san to abeer….abeer says ragini always talked about u 3..swalak smiles,but sanskar saw him angrily…after sometime they leave for classes…

sanskar was passing through d ragini class nd sees abeer was sits beside ragini nd they wr talking nd laughing…sanskar gets jealous

epi ends

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