B’coz…i love u (Swaragini)-episode 5


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Episode 4

Swaragini home door bell rings…sumi opens the door and sees sanlak there….sumi welcomes them..they sits in hall
swara : U both r here..
Sanskar : Ha.. we want to enjoy with my pyari aunty..so we came
swara : But u didn’t informed me
laksh : Surprise
swara : Achha
sanskar : Swara yesterday i gave my watch to u..give it to me..u know na that is my fav watch
swara : It was in my room..go and take
sanskar went to swara room..he search his watch..he hears a sound from washroom…
sanskar: sumi aunty,swara in hall thn who was it..omg i think it was that jungalibilly(ragini )..if she saw me here she creates a drama..he was about leave ragini opened bathroom door..she wears pink leggings nd blue top..sanskar quickly hides behind the curtains….ragini plays music nd she dances crazily..sanskar sees this and laughs (slowly)..then zara zara touch me song plays..she dances on that song..sanskar gets sneeze he sneezes…ragini stops music and went towards sneezing sound…she removes curtains and saw sanskar ..sanskar gave a weird smile…
ragini(shouts) : tum…what r doing here
sanskar : I came to take my watch
ragini : watch!!!then y r u hide behind curtains
sanskar : I was searching my watch here..he shows watch to her..finally i found it..saying this he leaves ..ragini seehim confusingly..

Swalak,san wr talking in hall,sumi in kitchen..ragini comes there..
sanskar :guys i want to dance..plz play zara Zara touch me song
ragini gave a glare to sanskar
swara : That song. ..r u kidding sanky
sanskar :u know na swara i love that song..plz play na…
Swara plays song..sanskar dances like as ragini (he immitates her)….
swalak wr laughing seeing his dance…ragini wad irritated..angrily leaves frm there….

After a while sumi,ragini comrs frm kitchen nd brings coffee..sumi was about give
ragini : U sit aunty..i will give..she take tray frm sumi and gave coffee to all
swara : Maa u r d best to make coffee
laksh : Ha aunty..it was superb
sanskar sips the coffee he splits…
sumi: What happend sanskar..u doesn’t like coffee
sanskar thinks it was too salty but all r says it was good..if i said its bad..aunty will feel bad….
laksh:kya hua sanky
sanskar :nothing..coffee was very tasty
ragini (teasingly ):u liked it na..u want one more and she winks at him…
sanskar understands it was ragini plan…he looks at her angrily..ragini smiles evilly..

epi ends

sorry for grammar,typing mistakes….

Credit to: Lahari

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  1. hahaha
    just imaging sanky dance on zara zara touch me
    love ragini

  2. Megha123

    Awsm part it’s really too funny
    Plzz try to post nxt part ASAP

  3. Hahahhahaa rags u r jst awesommeee….????…..superb episode dear?

  4. Very short episode…..Lahari…. But it was good.. I want more

  5. SPP

    Awesome but short
    Make it a bit long
    Waiting for the next one……….

  6. ragini is.so cute next part soon

  7. Dharani


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