B’coz…i love u (Swaragini)-episode 4


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Chapter 3

epi starts with ragsan gets embarrassed and avod eye-contact to each other,silently walks

they sits on a bench
swara: Today im so happy laksh..u know na laksh ragini was very close to me after so many years we all 4 together..
She says with bright smile on her face..while laksh looks at her lovingly..
swara: Y r u staring me like that
laksh : U looks cute while smiling
swara : U too saying this she pulled his cheeks
laksh : Ochh.. swara its paining
swara(pouts): Sorry
laksh smiles and gives a peck on her forehead..
swara: I love u laksh
laksh : love u too
they hug eachother..
ragsan came there..sanskar coughs..they broke hug nd gets embarrassed
ragini : Swara i wont talk to u
swara : y what i did
ragini : U didn’t told me about laksh
swara : I didn’t get a perfect time to tell u sorry
ragini hugs her tightly and says im happy for u both..
sanskar : Oye drama queen stop ur drama
ragini : U chup raho idiot
sanskar : Jungalibilly
they started fight
swalak : Plz not again guys
ragsan stops..they 4 had some fun..after sometime they left to home.

@next day college
ragini went to join dance class..and sees sanskar there..he blocks her way..
sanskar : U..y did u came here
ragini : To play football
sanskar : He he..very funny
ragini : Move..i want to join dance class
sanskar (laughs loudly ) : U…dance..good joke
[in childhood ragini was poor in dancing.even she didn’t do a single step properly ] ragini gave angry glare to sanskar and she went to dance teacher…dance teacher asks her to dance…
ragini starts tdance….she dances beautifully and passionately..she was doing every step perfectly (like shradda)…..sanskar was stands there with mouth open..ragini finished dance and came near sanskar, and says close ur mouth otherwise mosquitoes will go…..sanskar closed his mouth and stares at ragini..
Dance teacher : Very good ragini..u did very well..tomorrow onwords u shd practice with sanskar group saying this he left….
ragini in mind : Oh god im in his group..save me frm this idiot..
sanskar in mind : She was in my group..how can i tolerate her….but im happy i have best dancer..

Epi ends

sorry for grammar,typing mistakes….

Credit to: Lahari

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