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Episode 2

Epi starts with swarag,sanlak wr in canteen..they wr chit chatting about their childhood and some normal talk….

After sometime swara went to washroom,and laksh got a call he also left..

ragsan r alone..there is silence

sanskar in mind: Morning i saw u i felt an angel came into my life but i didn’t expect that angel becomes a devil..

ragini in mind:y he was staring me like that..i never expect i mt him again

finally sanskar broke d silence
sanky : How r u Ms ragini khanna
ragini : Fine Mr sanskar maheswari(she said with full of attitude )
sanky : somuch of attitude
ragini : same as u
sanky : same as u(he imitates her)and calls her moti
hearing that name ragini gts mre angry
[ragini doesn’t like if anyone calls her like that..sanskar was always used to call her by that name in childhood ]

ragini : dnt call me like that
sanky : i will..moti
ragini : u bandar(monkey )
sanky : u chudali
ragini : u stupid,idiot
sanky : shut up
ragini : u shut up
swalak came there and shocked to see their fight
laksh : Sanky stop it
sanky : first tell her to stop
laksh : dnt behave like kids..chalo sanky we should leave now..bye swara,bye ragini
sanlak left
ragini : I should also leave..bye swara
swara : Where??
ragini : hostel
swara: no need of hostel..bring ur luggage u r staying with me in my home thats final
ragini hesitates first but finally she agrees

Swaragini went to swara home,sumi happily welcomes ragini,they had dinner ..after sometime Swaragini decided to go for having ice-cream,swara msgs laksh sanlak also came..they 4 went

they r having ice-cream by walking on the road
ragini : I want one more
laksh : U both wait here..i will go with ragini ..
sanky thinks something and said : No i will go with her u both wai..t
ragini was about to speak,but sanskar drags her by holding her hand
ragini : leave me…i will not come with u
sanky : oh,hell stop..i have no interest to come with u
ragini : then y did u came
sanky : My fate
ragini : What
sanky : nothing
ragini : Are tell na
sanky : See d atmosphere..it was too good..moonlight,coolbreze it seems very romantic..sooo
ragini : So
sanky : I thought
ragini : u thought
sanky : I thought to give some privacy to lovebirds
ragini : lovebds??who
sanky : swalak
ragini : really
sanky : ha
ragini : they wr perfect for each other ..

they reached ice-cream stall and gets ice-cream ,they wr abt to eat..suddenly ragini hits rock and bumps to sanky.. by the result sanky ice-cream fell on ground ,ragini ice-cream fell on sanky face..seeing his face ragini laughed..which irks sanky..
Sanky glares at her and holds her hand, pulls her towards him and slowly rubs his face to hers(he doesn’t get what he was doing)..

ragini was shocked by his sudden act..she closed her eyes tightly

after sometime he realize and looks at her,ragini slowly opens her eyes they have a cute eye-lock..disturbed by a horn sound (guys remember they wr on road)
they came to sense,sanskar leaves her hand..both felt embarrassed.

epi ends with embarrassed faces of ragsan

sorry for grammar,typing mistakes……

Credit to: Lahari

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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    Lovely epi
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    Ragsan are just adorable…

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    Ragsan were too……cute loved them ???

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