B’coz…i love u (Swaragini)-episode 2


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Episode 1

episode starts with swaragini breaks the hug
swara: Ragini come i ll show ur cls
ragini : K..bye uncle
after showing ragini cls,swara went to her cls….
@swara cls
a handsome boy was shown,he was busy in reading book…swara enters cls and sits besides that guy and pat him on shoulder,he turns and smiles little again he continues reading
swara :laksh!!!!(s he ws our laksh)

[laksh maheswari:handsome,bookworm,clg topper,love&caring guy..ap&dp r parents of laksh]

laksh : Ha
swara:i want to tell u one thing
laksh: bolo(without looking at her)
swara irritated by his behaviour,snatches the book frm his hand
laksh : Swara give it to me
swara :no i will not

laksh tries to take in process he moves close to her,swara stares at him lovingly they share an eyelock.disturbed by sanskar

[san,lak,swara studies same cls,they r good friends..swalak r already in love]

sanskar : Romance in cls..not bad guys
they came to sense
swara(widened her eyebrows ): Shut up sanky
sanskar : K k u guys carry-on

he left frm there and sits n another bench and thinks abt that girl(ragini)
here ragini went to her cls ,makes new friends named sana&ria..ragini enjoyed their company
sanlak r in Canteen waiting fr swara

swara came with ragini

swara :Guys see who came
laksh:who is she swara
swara : Are buddu She is ragini..our childhood bestie ragini khanna
laksh : ragini..missed u ragu…they share a hug(jst frndly hug)

[sanlak,Swaragini were usedto live in Kolkata..maheswaris r sift to mumbai where sanlak r in 7th std..they wr childhood best friends…..ragsan wr always fight with each others they wr childhood rivals ]

sanskar ‘pov
we r waiting fr swara,suddenly cool breeze touch my face i felt something i turned that side i was awestruck ..it was that girl she came towards me with swara i was on cloud9 i felt extreme happy but when i heard the name ragini khanna all my thoughts r fade away bcz i hate that name,not nly name i hate her also..

Pov ends
ragini pov

im chit chatting with my new friends in my cls,swara came to me
she said ‘ihave a surprise for u’..i went With her,she takes me to the canteen where two boys r there..i saw them confusingly but one boy was staring at me continuously..swara introduces laksh.. i was damm happy to see laksh there my happyness was faded when swara introduces aanother boy so called sanskar maheswari (who was staring at me 5mins before ).. i hate him

pov ends
epi ends with ragsan angry faces

precap -ragsan cute fights

sry fr grammar,typing mistakes

Credit to: Lahari

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