B’coz…i love u (Swaragini)-episode 11


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Episode 10

next day after college swarag,sanlak nd abeer all r decided to go pub…at night sanlak nd abeer waiting for swarag at pub…jst then swaragini comes there…swara wears blue color short dress,laksh was mesmerized to see her…ragini wears red color short dress..sanskar nd abeer both mesmarized to see ragini..abeer says to ragini u r looking stunning,which is irked by sanskar….they went inside..tanu also there..they had some juice..abeer was continuously staring at ragini(guys abeer also loves ragini),sanskar noticed this nd moves towards ragini nd he was about to speak ,abeer came nd drags ragini for dance,sanskar gets more angry,jst then tanu came to sanskar nd asks for dance he agrees…..ragbeer,san,tanu nd swalak dances…ragini also felt jealous to see san,tanu dance…abeer spins ragini nd pulls towards him ,sanskar cant take it more..he angrily moves towards ragini ,holds her hand tightly nd drags her outside
ragini:sanskar what r u doing ..leave me
sanskar:why r u always with that abeer

ragini:he is my friend
sanskar:i didn’t like him
ragini:that’s ur problem
sanskar:stay away from him
ragini:its none of ur business
sanskar(gets angry):it is my business..bcoz

sanskar:bcoz..becoz… i love u,i love u so much,i cant see u with him..
ragini was shocked by his sudden confession..she was happy from inside but didn’t show that….she didn’t know how to react.there is a silence for sometime..jst then swara came nd asks what r u both doing here…sanskar says nothing…swara says k lets go to home…they noded…this is all seen by tanu.she says i can do something,sanskar is mine saying this she leaves angrily…

they all reached home…ragini was very happy she was dancing with joy…swara came nd asks what happens..ragini thinks should i tell this to swara,no no i will tell her after my confession…swara shakes her and asks where r u lost…ragini says nothing…swara smiles,they had some talk nd dozed off..

sanskar was roaming here nd there in his room..he thinks i confessed her but she didn’t said anything…what if she didn’t love me…no sanskar think positive..my heart says she loves me..i saw her smile when i was proposed but she hides it frm me..i don’t know y…while thinking he too dozed off..

@next day college
ragsan wr in dance class..sanskar stares at her lovingly…ragini avoids eye contact with him…sanskar drags her to a side…nd pins her to d wall
ragini:what r u doing
sanskar:shh..i want answer
ragini:which answer
sanskar:don’t act smart
ragini thinks not so easy mr sanskar,i would make u wait..
sanskar:are bolo na
Ragini:what..i didnt remember anything
sanskar:dnt lie
Ragini:I didnt lie

sanskar:k listen saying this he moves close to her and said in her ears i love u…
Ragini feels like she tightly hugging him..but composes herself..jst then Ragini mobile rings…sanskar snatched d mobile frm her nd sees abeer was calling…he lifts d call
sanskar:ragini was busy..sanskar here
abeer:sanskar..tell to her..im waiting for her
sanskar:no need to wait..u go i will drop her
abeer:but she
before he completed his sentence he cutted d call…abeer was confused by his behaviour…ragini smiles inside seeing his jealous..

sanskar:now tell
ragini:u want answer na
ragini moves closed to him,he stares at her lovingly,she moves even more close nd pushed him nd runs frm there…sanskar stands there with confusion..

epi ends

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