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Episode 11

as usual swarag,sanlak wr sitting in canteen..nd they wr talking,but sanskar was stares at raginj lovingly,ragini noticed this nd enjoying his gaze on her,while swalak wr busy in talking…jst then abeer came nd gave dairy milk silk chocolate to ragini,she hesitantly rtakes it…swara says wow what a friendship..abeer smiles..sanskar leaves from there…swara says what happened to sanskar…laksh says i don’t know…frm past few days he was looking dull nd he didn’t even take food properly…hearing this ragini felt bad,so she decided to confess her feelings to sanskar…she excuses herself nd goes to sanskar,she searches for him…tanu
stops her in middle nd says i want to talk to u,ragini says i have no interest to talk to u…its about ur sanskar…ragini asks her what..tanu says i know sanskar loves u..i think u also loves him,but do u know i loves him alot,he is mine…if he will not mine then i will kill him,u know i am a gangster sister,i can do anything,hope u understand ,stay away from sanskar otherwise u know what will happen…saying this tanu left..ragini was shocked nd cries…after sometime she goes to swara nd says im feeling not well,i will go home,swara says k i will come with u ,ragini says its k u stay,i will go saying this she leaves….she went to her room..she cries thinking about her moments with sanskar…….

classes got over..sanskar didn’t find ragini nowhere…he asked swara about ragini…swara says she was not feeling well so she went home…hearing this sanskar was restless..swalak ,abeer leaves fr home..,sanskar has no interest to go dance cls..so he to leaves…

sanskar was thinking about ragini…nd he calls her to know about her health….she lifts
sanskar:hello ragini
sanskar:what happend,swara said u r not well
Ragini:jst headache
sanskar:r u fine now
Ragini:ha im k
sanskar:k take care…saying this he cutted d call….
Ragini was very happy to see his concern,as well as felt saf too thinking about tanu words..

2days passed,ragini was avoiding sanskar,sanskar was felt bad..she didn’t attend dance classes also..sanskar tried to talk with her but she avoided…oneday sanskar drags ragini to some corner….
sanskar:what happens,y r u behaving like this
ragini:what i did
sanskar:don’t u know what u did
sanskar:k.y did u avoid me
ragini:nothing like that..jst i was busy with works
sanskar:don’t dare to tell lie
ragini:k u want to listen truth na..then listen…i avoided u bcoz i didn’t like to talk with u,i hate u(her eyesfilled with tears)
sanskar:u didn’t lovs me
sanskar:tell this to looking into my eyes
ragini :i said na i hate u,.saying this she leavs while crying..
sanskar thinks ,she lied to me..i saw her tears.,y she hd cried while saying i hate u…i know she loves me but i didn’t understand y shr didn’t accept this….

epi end

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  2. Vyshnavi

    Nice ,its good. Hope sanskaar get to know about tanu warning to ragini.
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    feeling bad for ragsan nd i hate that tanu

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    juz hate Tanu devil….
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    Oh so sad !!???feeling sad for ragsan ??? If u get a knife then I’ll just killing her ???

  9. Shana98

    Hopefully sanskar know what Tanu said to ragini.
    Hopefully make everything fine between them ??❤️??

  10. Super episode….amazing….please unite ragsan…

  11. Ragz_teju


  12. hey pls give swalak also importance

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