B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-9


Sanskar comes to swara who stands alone..
Sanskar:swara..where is laksh
Swara:who knws..where he was flirting with whom..(she said angrily while fuming)
Sanskar(rolled his eyes):flirting!!!that to laksh..r u dreaming..
Swara(slowly):ha..im dreaming about him..but he is flirting with someone there…
Swara:kuch nay..dont ask me anything about him..
Sanskar:y r u behaving like this..i jst askd where is he ..
Then he noticed swara looking at some direction clenching her fist..he turns nd found laksh who is talking with one girl..sanskar smelled her jealous..
Sanskar:u knw swara..she loves laksh since long..i think she is proposing him..
Sanskar:ha..i wish he wouldy say yes..
Swara:bcz i love him
Swara bited her tongue
Sanskar smiles
Swara:will he really say yes..
Sanskar(smiles):donf wry..i jst lied..i think they must be talking about studies as we knw they both bookworms..
Swara(smiles widely):ok..dont say this to laksh
Sanskar:if u loves him..tell him na.
Swara:i will tell soon..but u dont tell..
Sanskar:fine..but dont be late…
swara nodded..
All set to leave clz as their classes got over..ragini sees arjun who is coming..she tells something to swara..swara nodded…
Swara:u both walk..we will come
Ragini:do what she said..
Sanskar glares at her..
Laksh:areh leave it..come na sanky..
Sanlak walks..swarag waits there.when they see arjun coming near to them..swara pushed ragini..
Ragini unbalanced nd about to fall but someone holds her protectively by her waist..
Ragini looked at him nd shocked..its sanskar..she looks at back where arjun talking to one of friend..
[Actually its their plan..they thought arjun will holds her..but last min someone calls arjun he turns nd talks to that person..meanwhile sanskar turns to see what they r doing sending them..as soon as his eyes fell on ragini who is ready to falll..he came running nd hold her in nick of time]
Sanskar:ha mein
Ragini:y did u hold me idiot..if u woudnt ,arjun would have hold na..
Sanskar leaves her but before she could touch ground..he holds her hand..
Ragini:stupid y did u left me like that
Sanskar:u only asked me..y did u hold..nd when i left u ,asking me y did u left…did ur brain had crack..
Ragini:shut up sanku..
Sanskar:now tell..do u want me to leave ur hand..
Ragini:i will kill u..pull me
Sanskar:ok tell sorry
Sanskar pulls her by holding hand ..ragini fell on him with force ,which makes sanskar misbalance by sudden force nd fell on ground,followed by ragini..ragini was on him..her lips brushed his neck..
swalak came to them but jst stood there as they used to it..
Ragini(closing her ears):stop idiot..y r u shouting..
Sanskar:my back..ahhh..its paining..
Sanskar glares at her nd says bcz of ur heavy weight.. getup billy..
Ragini:im not thst much weight
Sanskar(shouts):get up rakshasi..
Ragini gets up nd stood..
Sanskar:oye..help me u brk my back..
Ragini:what i did u only pulled me na..
Sanskar:that was only my fault..
Ragini pouts nd helps him to get up..
Swara:are u ok sanskar..
Sanskar:what ok..she brk my back..
Laksh:ok..come i will take u to car..
Sanskar:no..this billy take me..
Sanskar:ha..u only..its ur punishment for breaking my back..
Ragini pouts..she hold him,placing one hand around his waistanother hand on his shoulder..
Arjun came nd loks at them..
Ragini:hii arjun
Arjun:kya hua sanskar
Before sanskar could speak..
Ragini:vo..he fell down
Arjun:fell down..how..
Sanskar:bcz of one idiot
Ragini stamps his foot
Sanskar screams..
Arjun:are u ok
Ragini:i think his back paining
sanskar murmurs i will see u later..
Arjun:vo..(he noticed lipstick mark on his neck.)..sanskar..do u hav girlfriend
Sanskar:y r u asking like that
Arjun:seeing lipstic mark on ur neck..
Sanskar:oh.this one..this billy did
Arjun widened his eyes..
Ragini:vo..vo..no..he is lying..he is lying..u knw abour him na always joking…naughty..his gf only kissed..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini signs him to shut up..
Arjun:ok guys see u tomorrowm..bye..take care sanskar..
sanskar gives a nod..
Ragini:bye arjun..
As soon as ragsan swalak reached mm..suji spots sanskar who is walking with the help of ragini..she rolled her eyes..
Suji:kya hua sanskar
Sanskar:that was a big story..laksh will tell..first let me go to my room..billy y r standing like statue..take me..
Ragini frowns but she takes him to room nd makes him sit on bed..
Ragini:is it really paining..that much
Sanskar:no..im jst joking
Ragini:i knw..u r jst acting..
Sanskar:shup up its really paining..
Ragini:ok..sleep..im going
Sanskar:where r u going leaving me like this..
Ragini:then what can i do
Sanskar:do something to reduce my pain..
Jst then suji came holding hot oil..
Suji:sanskar..sleep i will massage ur back
Sanskar:give that to this billy..she will do it ..u go
Sanskar:bcz u only ,i got this..so..
Ragini pouts nd takes that oil frm suji..
suji leaves smiling..
Ragini (sits on bed):remove ur shirt
Sanskar:u should only do..
Ragini(glares at him):i will also have get chance..then i will see u stupid..
Sanskar:u will see later…first do this..
Ragini holds his coaller nd pulls him to her closer angrily..
Sanskar:ochh..billy slowly
Ragini unbuttoned his shirt nd takes off his shirt..she takes off his vest too nd makes him lie on bed facing his back to her…nd starts massaging his back gently..
Sanskar:wahh..billy..u should have
own the massage parlour,really u r doing great..
Ragini frowns nd punches him..
Sanskar:oye..billy..u r increasing my pain..
Ragini:then stop ur nonsense..
sanskar feels better..as she is doing massage since long…almose his pain gone..
Ragini:im getting pain by doing this..
Sanskar:let it come
Ragini:kyun..do u want to do massage me..
Sanskar:u tho expert..but i dont hav na..
Rragini about to pinch his waist but stopped seeing deep cut mark on his waist..
Ragini:what is this mark
Sanskar:dont u remember
Sanskar:u bited me in our childhood..
Sanskar:ha..its ur mark..do u knw how much i cried that day..
Ragini:do u want another one now(michiviously asks)
sanskar glares at her..ragini bends to bite..but sanskar gets up nd rolled her..she was under sanskar now..
Sanskar:u gave me na..now its my time to give..
Sanskar:yes..i have to give it back..
Ragini:no sanku..plzz
Sanskar slides her top frm her waist..
Ragini:idiot..leave me..
He leaned to bite but ragini pushed him nd gets up while saying u cant do..Sanskar holds her hand nd says i can..
Ragini(looking at door):see suji aunty..what he was doing..
Sanskar leaves her hand nd looks at door but no one is there..ragini laughs nd runs..sanskar shouts i will not leave u..

Aliya:sorry sis..i thought to update i hate that i love as u r asking me to post it..but i lost that track..but i will surely update it soon..sorry dear

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