B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-8

Episode 7

Ragini who slept on sanskar chest ,opens her eyes yawning she looks at sanskar who is still sleeping..she tries to get up but could nt as sanskar holds her waist tight..
Sanskar(with closed eyes):let me sleep for sometime..

Ragini:ok..leave me..then sleep idiot..
Sanskar:stay like this for sometime..i feels comfortable nd great..
Ragini hits him..
Sanskar (opens his eyes):kya billy ..
Ragini:get up idiot

Sanskar gets up annoyed..
Ragini:u r using me for ur comfortness…
Ragini hits him saying how cheap..
Sanskar:stop billy…its paining..
Ragini:bear it..

Sanskar holds her hands..
Ragini bites his hand..
Ragini:same too u..
Suji who unlocked d door nd sees their fighting nd gives a unbelievable look..
Suji:stop it..
Ragsan stops nd looks at suji..
Suji:dont u both get bore..always fighting..
Sanskar:see maa..she biting me..
Ragini:noo aunty he was lying..
Suji:bilkul chup..both..
Ragsan nodded..
Suji:come down..dont start fight again..
Ragsan nodded..
suji walks ,ragsan walks behind..
sanskar hits ragini head with his hand..

Ragini pinches him on his waist..
Ragini giggles…
Suji turned..but ragsan pretends as nothing happend bw them..suji turns to continue her walk..
Sanskar:i hate u..
Ragini:i hate u more..
both exchanges glares..
they trio went to downstairs,where family presents..

All looked at them weirdly…Ragsan puzzled…
Anjali:what u both did in room
sanskar:kya hua dii
Anjali:what u both did in room..
Suji:what they wil do expect fighting..

Anjali:then what is this..
Anjali asks him to see his face once..sanskar opend his camera nd looks at his face which had ragini bindi on his cheek..nd ragini earring which was hanging to his kurta…
Sanskar tekes the bindi frm his cheek nd out it on ragini’s forehead…all rolled their eyes..He takes the earing nd makes her wear..

Sanskar:cant u take care ur things billy..
Ragini pouts..
All jst staring at them for not understanding what relation they r sharing..is it hate?..love??are something??
sanskar(noticed all who r still staring them):now kya..
All nodded as nothing..
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Ragswa nd sanlak r in corridar..
Sanskar(looks at girls who r passing on that way):hii beauties..
girls:hiii sanskar..
Ragini:such a big flirt(she huffed)

Sanskar:r u feeling jealous
Ragini:y should i
Sanskar:all girls r behind me..but none of boys r even not looking at u..so
Ragini:u dont knw about me..my whole cls boys r behind me..
Sanskar:dont do day dreaming..who can fall for u..they must be dumb like u..
Ragini:u shut up..dont messup with me..See i will make boys mad about me..
Sanskar:really..fine ..not all..make fall one boy atleast..i knw it wont happen..
Ragini:Are u challenging me..

Sanskar:think whatever..
Ragini:see..what i can do..
Ragini:done..if i won the challenge..u will hav to do whatever i said
Sanskar:fine..if u loose,u will follow same condition
sanskar:all the best
Ragini:swara tell who is most handsome boy in our clz..
Sanskar:vahi tho mein huu..

Ragini:look at ur face in mirror once..
Ragini:shut up..tum bolo swara..
Swara:Arjun…he looks so cute nd handsome(laksh feels jealous)..all girls behind him..
Laksh:now stop praising him..
Ragini smiles..swara pouts..where sanskar stood like not caring anything..
Swara:but he was not our department..u knw he is laksh friend…they used to play sports together…
Ragini:really..good..laksh plz introduce him na..

Laksh:ragini stop these stupid games..
Ragini:plzz laksh..
Ragini:thank u laksh..
Sanskar in mind i will see how can u do that..

@ragsan swalak r in canteen…
Ragini:are u sure..he will come na..

Laksh:ha..he do lunch here only..
Swara:he is coming..
Ragini looks at the direction where swara pointing..we can see a tall handsome hot yet cute figure walking into canteen ..he is Arjun(Parth Samanth)..
Ragini:laksh..call him..
Laksh( nodded):arjun..
He turns at laksh nd walks towards them..

Laksh:hii arjun..
Arjun:hii laksh..who is she..first time seeing her with u ( looking at ragini)
Laksh:she is ragini
Sanskar(who sits beside laksh):my lover

All widened their eyes..
Ragini(glares at sanskar):no..he was lying..even i dont knw who is he..
Sanskar(opens his mouth O shape):rakshashi
Ragini:who r u(she said dramatically)
Sanskar:ohh ..u bited me wiythout knowing me na..

Ragini:u too bited me naa..(they forgot surroundings)
Sanskar:first u only started..see my neck,my cheeks..
Ragini:dont talk like innocet u too bited me deeply..u knw how much it was pained…
Arjun:excuse me…whats going on here..
Ragini(bited her toungue):vo..vo..
Laksh:vo..arjun actually they hates eo..always complaining about eo..dont mind huh..they r like that only..

Arjun:sansakar said she is his lover..
Ragini:he was joking..we jst playing like this only..nothing is there bw us..
sanskar jst glares at her nd says i will see u later..
Arjun:fine..r u first year..
Arjun:fine..nice to meet u
Ragini gives a sweet smile..
Arjun:i shoul leave now bye..
all bid bye to him..

Ragsan swalak r walking on lonely road(they jst came for walk)..
Swara:ragini..whar r u thinking
Ragini:how to makr arjun fall..

Sanskar:it wont happen billy.
rgini:tum chup
Laksh:Ragini..id u both gone mad..what type of challenge is this..
Ragini:laksh nothing will happen..i will manage..
Sanskar:chil laksh..leave it.(showing some place to them)come we will sit there..
Ragini:but it seems dark na..

Sanskar:then.. u walk..we will sit here..
Ragini makes angry pout..
Laksh:vo..i wanna walk..will u accompany me swara..

Swara nodded
Ragini:im too
Laksh looks at ragini with pout..ragini understand nd said its ok u both carry on..
Swara:dont fight..
Ragsan nodded..
Both sits glaring eo..both turns otherside, silent facing their back at eo..
they both kept quite for a while..
Ragini(could not stay longer,without fighting ):sanku

No response
No response
Ragini turns nd does not find sanskar there..
Ragini:where r u stupid..
she gets scared..she called swalak names,but no one there..
it was all dark,there is small light only present..it too goes off suddenly..she gets more scared..

Sanskar comes to swalak, smirking…
Swara:where is ragini
Sanska smiles sheepishly..
swara:sanskar,dont u did something foolish naa..

Sanskar:no..i jst came leaving that billy there..
Swara:are u mad sanskar..u knw na..she is affraid of being alone in darkness..how could u left her like that
Sanskar:she is not kid now..
Swara:but sanskar she had still that phobia..

Sanskar(tensed):ok..u both wait here..i will go nd get her..
swalak nodded..
sanskar comes running nd sees ragini who is crying sitting in corner,closing her eyes tight..
As soon as she heard sanskar voice,she looks up nd runs to sanskar nd hugs him tightly sobbing..
Sanskar:shhh..billy..nothing happend..

Ragini panting..sanskar rubs her back softly..
Ragini(weeping):u always leaving me like this only..hate u..hate u so much..
Sanskar:sorry..calm down..
(ragini still hugs sanskar)
Ragini:i hate u

Sanskar(smiles):i hate u too
Sanskarr:billy u r spoling my shirt..see it gor wet with ur tears..
Ragini brks d hug ,she glares at him nd punches on his stomach..
Sanskar screams holding his stomach..
Ragini:if u again leave me alone like this, im warning u i kill u idiot..
Sanskar:u spoiled my shirt,u punched me nd u again warning me..how im looking to u..
Ragini:same like joker..

she laughs..
Swalak came nd sees ragsan who starts their chasing game..
they look at eo nd smiles..

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